What are the five types of carpet fibers?

Carpet is an essential for every home. If you have just constructed a new home, going for personalized carpets can play a wonderful role. Every day you may come across a new carpet style. But what never changes is it’s base, i.e. the type of fibers. Check out 5 of them;

  • Wool

Wool is from the family of soft floor coverings that retains a legacy of luxury. Natural and woven-construction, it offers a much wider range of patterns, details, and colors than a traditional tufted rug. Expect good stain resistance if you treat it when someone drops it. It also has natural flame retardant properties.

  • Nylon

Nylon is just second only to the wave in terms of performance and feel, but is generally cheaper. This versatile fiberglass offers many different styles and designs: freeze, textured, shag, loop cut loop (LCL), all made of nylon. It has excellent soil resistance, color fastness and strength, making it durable, so it fits everywhere. Some of them can be recycled on another nylon rug as soon as the manufacturer selects it.

  • Polypropylene

Formerly known as olefin, polypropylene is a synthetic dye solution that is equally insoluble in water and stains, making it an excellent choice for indoor / outdoor carpets. Because it is painted with a solution, it does not dissolve, which is great for rooms with lots of light or traffic from outside or from a colorful pool. Because it is less durable than nylon, it is best used on low carpets such as berber (a low carpet with loop pile with pieces of different colors).

  • Polyester

Polyester is known for its soft texture, especially when used in a luxurious thick batch. It is a good choice because its styling properties compete with nylon. It can be looped or cut and stains well. But it’s not so fixed. It is not resistant to the soil and easy to maintain, it is also suitable for bedrooms and toys.

  • Triexta

One of the latest fibers to be launched, triexta combines the performance characteristics of polyester and nylon: durable, stain and dirt resistant, easy to clean, colored, fade-resistant, and soft.

Manufacturers respond to the constant supply of various products before or after consumers. Some make rugs from recycled nylon rugs. Some use recycled soda bottles to create a green line. If this is an important factor in your decision, ask your dealer for more information about the brands one has in their online store.

Mary Soto