Marrying the Mafia 1 Thought After Watching The Film

The family of the plutocrats, which combines money and power, has always been the envy of only others, and no one else. But this family is a headache when they study, including Jin Kyung, the beautiful little daughter in the family, not to mention her brothers who are like wolves. Click here to Watch Marrying the Mafia 1 movie for free. If you want to watch movies free online, you can enter here.

The only thing missing in this family is a beautiful diploma from a famous school, and the only chance to change the cultural level of this family is to let that beautiful little daughter find a son-in-law with a high degree.

One day, Zhenjing had a one night stand with a young man, DAE Suh. Of course, the three brothers who knew this would not let go of the big book. After investigation, the chaebol family found that Dashu was born into an ordinary civil servant’s family, and he was a top student of Seoul University’s law school. He fully met the standard of a prospective son-in-law that his family had been looking for. And he had a one night stand with Zhenjing. How can we let him go

“Marrying the Mafia 1”, starring the leading male star Zheng Junhao and the famous female star Kim Ting Eun in South Korea, attracted more than five million audiences when it was released in South Korea, which really caused a big upsurge. At the same time, it also made the value of the female lead Kim Ting Eun soar to 350 million won. If the film has a good reputation, it is the best reason to attract money.

In the film, the male lead, Zheng Junhao, plays a talented student from Seoul University. He has a good mind and a handsome appearance. He has become the son-in-law candidate of the underworld by mistake. It makes him laugh and laugh, but it also makes the audience laugh like thunder. In addition to the combination of handsome men and beautiful women, the actor who plays kingdeen’s gangster brother can also be said to be quite eye-catching. He is Liu Donggen, the best actor in the TV drama queen Mingcheng.

As a result, Liu Donggen had to take part in special training for the performance of “marrying the Mafia 1”, which was beyond his imagination. It turned out that there was a scene in which they wanted to bring Zheng Junhao and Jin tingen together and make them more intimate in the closed elevator space. Liu Donggen had to fall off his head and feet like Tom Cruise in “impossible mission” and throw a snake into them to scare them.