Want to lose your weight effectively? Here, you should follow these foods

Are you hunting for effective diets to lose weight in no time? Are you asking for several times how to lose Weight? Well, if you need to lose weight quickly, it is good not to throw yourself into the fray with the first diet you find. Here you can find as many as 5 slimming diets if you are in a hurry to get back in shape. They are fast, effective, easy to follow, and sometimes a little harsh.

Lemon diet to lose 3 pounds in a week

The first weight loss diet that you can try is the lemon diet. It obviously includes a wide use of lemon juice, to be used diluted in warm water or in any recipe, as a condiment, taking advantage of its purifying and draining properties. It is a shock diet, that is very rigid and effective that makes you lose weight in a short time and that should not be continued for long periods. Now you don’t have to ask others how to lose Weighteffectively.

Rice diet: lose 5 kilos

Another fast, effective diet with a shock phase like the lemon diet is the rice diet. It includes a 3-day purification program, and a 9-day program with menus based mainly on rice. Like lemon, rice also benefits the drainage and purification of the body, helping to combat water retention. Within 9 days this diet ensures the loss of at least 5 kilos. It works, it slims fast, but it cannot be followed for too long, being based on a few foods – rice, white meat, fish, fruit, vegetables to be gradually added. Complete solution to your question – how to lose Weight.

Gluten-free diet: goodbye bread and pasta

The gluten-free diet, as you can imagine, eliminates all foods rich in this substance, including carbohydrates. Eliminating carbohydrates and refined sugars is already an excellent step to lose weight and get a flat stomach. Gluten has been banned from the tables not only by the intolerant, but also by those looking for a quick way to lose weight by finding nutritious alternatives to carbohydrates.

Express diet: burn fat in record time

The express diet is the ideal choice for those who want to return lean in record time. In just 15 days it allows you to burn fat with the sole intake of lean proteins (fish, beef, vegetables and vegetables) and the elimination of sugars during the first phase, the so-called shock phase. The third phase keeps lean proteins as protagonists of food, reaching a greater balance without too many privations.

Zone diet: lose weight healthily in 2 weeks

The zone diet is less quick than the others. It is effective but more balanced. It allows you to lose 3 pounds in 2 weeks, but on the other hand does not get those feelings of exhaustion and faults typical of the most severe diets. The purpose of this diet is to keep the levels of sugar and insulin in the blood constant. It is accompanied by structured meals, which even include eggs, lean pork, and cheese.