Could we use RCMLOADER+ ReiNX to crack Nintendo Switch 8.1?

We know that Rcmloader is the cheapest payload switch for crack nintendo switch, and ReiNX is one of the popular CFW, can we install ReiNX by Rcmloader for hacker Nintendo Switch 9.0? Let’s talk about ReinX

What’s ReiNX?

ReiNX is a custom firmware from Nintendo Switch that installs on this console, like Atmosphere and sx os, it also has the other choice for players

The founder @Reisyukaku finally released to the public his ‘custom modular firmware’ called ‘ReiNX’ on a GITHub page, in June 2018..

What’s the features?

Load all KIP files from the / ReiNX / sysmodules / directory
Optional custom kernel / secmon / warmboot
Default Kips with exefs / ReiNX / title / {tid}

The latest version 2.4 came out of June this year, it was compatible to Nintendo Switch 8.1, some one may be interested in whether it can hack Nintendo Switch 9.0, I’m sorry to tell you that only Atmosphere can do that, but soon or later, reinx can also hack switch

Rcmloader+ReiNX Hacker Nintendo Switch 8.1


  • SD card


1 Download ReiNX

2 Format SD card

NB: Nintendo Switch does not support exFAT by default. Before the next step, please put the micro SD card in the SD card slot of Switch. The system will ask you to update the system fix after power on. You can connect to the Internet to update the exFAT support. Offline update of exFAT support is possible, please use Google “How to install the exFat update without updating your Switch

3 Extract the downloaded zip file to the root of the SD file and put the micro SD card into the SD card slot of the Nintendo switch

4 Booter customer firmware

5 Turn off your Nintendo Switch

6 Hold down the power button until the following screen appears, press Power Off.

7 Remove the right Joycon from the Switch console and slide the JIG to the end.

8 Press and hold the VOL + button and power button to turn on the Nintendo Switch, the red light on the dongle will be light and the system should boot into the client’s firmware.

Player reviews on Reddit

I use ReiNX mainly to play backups and I used it before the release of the atmosphere. It works, so why should I go to the atmosphere?

Reinx is more friendly for people who have trouble finding sigpatches. I could not even find the Reddit post containing the sigpatches 6.2 after formatting my microSD card.Hate the cfw or not, say things like that make you look naive

Atmosphere is on a mission to rewrite every part of the horizon. One by one, they demolish and rebuild from scratch each section. Rei, on the other hand, keeps him as low as possible. Extremely different philosophies, and also makes sure that ReiNX is the exact opposite of ‘Atmophere with sig patches’

I would not say that Rei is trying to keep things vanilla at all. In fact, his current project gives users the ability to completely change the home screen

It took me a while to understand why the atmosphere was not working properly for me until I realized that they do not want to have anything to do with it. Reinx, on the other hand, does not care. To be fair, without this, none of the original console would work, which would turn the terminal into an emulation, but do you really want to spend so much on a console to play legacy games? I do not think so.

Chose which firmware to hack Switch is becoming more and more diverse,sx os, atmosphere, reinx, They have their own characteristics. Sx os easy to install, atmosphere supporte latest Switch Firmware, reinx, a stable cfw to crack Switch. It depends on what you want to a appropriated cfw to crack Switch