The New Concern Of Queens, Ericka Camacho Points At The Contamination In Air Ducts

Ericka Camacho, the popular Mathematical biologist, pointed at a critical problem rising in Queens. As the pollution level in Queens is raising so is the concern for a healthy lifestyle. Almost every single household uses air ducts as a ventilation system and it is really hard not to be bothered about the conditions of air since so many viruses are airborne. Air ducts are passages through which the air comes and goes out especially in the inner rooms of a building, or big farm or factory or in the basement of a house where window is ineffective and sunlight doesn’t reach.

As we all know that sunlight kills a lot of harmful airborne bacteria, the  rooms that have full access to it is rather safe, but the rooms that don’t get so much of fresh air and sunlight needs a good air purification system. Very often air ducts gets contaminated by bats or pigeons or by rats and they need to be kept in check every once in a while. In Queens, NY Air duct cleaners provide services provides their cleaning services to households, factories, underground farms and help to maintain a healthy working environment.

Importance of Air Duct cleaning:

Even in apocalyptic movies, air ducts played a big role since we are so negligent about it; In the movie series of Resident Evil, the virus spread through air and the inevitable happened. The interesting thing to note here is that how quick the virus did spread. So to say, if there is a problem in the air ducts and it is not taken care of, the situations very often can get out of hands. In Big companies, where chemical excess is purged out through the ducts and purified before emitting into the atmosphere, even a slight hitch can make a big difference in the long term.

In central air conditioning systems any leakage in the ducts can cause you problems and if properly taken care of in time, it can not only save a lot of energy but also a lot of your money. Smoke ducts used in chimneys or in petrochemical companies purify the smoke by purging out Carbon di Oxide, Clorofluro Carbon gas and other harmful chemicals which can cause the temperature to rise rapidly, so these smoke ducts not only needs proper check-up in time but also cleaning and sanitizing from time to time.

How to fix an Air Duct problem:

Some of the air duct situations can be handled easily and some can be a bit tricky. If the problem is only with dust and cleaning then it can be taken care of pretty easily. But in case of contamination or spreading of mold, helps from special services are recommended. In case of leakage, plain air duct tapes do not work properly as the adhesive in those tapes dry up quickly and then they cause a similar problem.

Galvanization and a proper repairing are the go to methods for this. Air duct cleaning services take care of such situations and in case any of such problems arise. Feel free to contact them. To summarise the concern, Air is as crucial as water and yet we don’t put much emphasis on the purity of air as we do when it comes to water. Air Ducts are generally used in such cases where air purifiers are placed and proper checking of them are fiercely recommended.


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