Importance of Text Archiving

The pandemic brought significant changes in how text and instant messaging were used. With people in the workplace was not able to meet face-to-face, SMS and other messaging platforms were utilized for business communication.

While this is not new to the office setting, it brings many advantages and convenience, it also poses risks to the organizations that uses it.

Fortunately, there are instant message archiving solutions that companies can rely on to mitigate risks.

Defining Text Archiving

Archiving text messaging is the process of recording text messaging conversations between employees, clients, and company managers. These messages will serve as clear evidence and part of requirements during audits and regulatory requests.

These archives usually include data of whom you interacted with for the past months, which you can proactively stop leaks from happening.

Importance of Text Message Archiving

With text archiving, you can remain compliant with SEC and FINRA regulations. Those who utilize other platforms like WhatsApp can pass WhatsApp FINRA swiftly and can avoid any penalties and fines.

One notable importance of message archiving is that it can protect you and your employees from long investigations during financial audits.


Many businesses from various industry does not recognize the importance of mobile archiving, however without proper and safe archiving system, anything can happen. This can pose danger to your data. And if you are in the financial sector, you might need to trace all your messages manually if problems arise within your organization.

As technology changes, so your archiving methods should also adapt to it. This ensures that your communication data will remain secure and retrievable for years.

To better understand mobile archiving you can see TeleMessage and their website will provide all the necessary information about SEC regulations and, at the same time, regulatory requirements you must comply.

Hilary Smith