Know All About Taking Proper Care for Your Pair of Cowboy Boots

When you buy a pair of cowboy boots, you will have no other option but to shell out a fair amount of money. And, it is needless to say that you should keep your pair of cowboy boots in good condition so that their lifespan increases and appearance remains appealing.

How to Take Care of Your Pair of Cowboy Boots?

You want your pair of cowboy boots to last long, so you need to take adequate care. Here are the ways of lengthening your pair of cowboy boots’ life and make the appearance appealing:


It would be best if you wiped your pair of cowboy boots quite often as the dust settles in the creases of boots and shoes. It will help if you use a horse-hair brush to wipe off loose dirt and clean the boots.

You can use a good quality boot lotion to get rid of the dirt that accumulated on your boots. You need not use the lotion every time you clean your boots, except when they get dirty. Keep in mind that some leathers require more quantity of lotion than the others. If you are in a place with a dry climate, your boots will repeatedly call for applying lotions.

You also need to apply a boot cream to make your boots shine, but make sure that it matches your boots’ color. It will help if you allow the cream a few moments to dry before brushing it off. You can use a horse hairbrush for the purpose.

Keep Your Boots Away from Heat

Keep in mind that you should never allow your wet boots to dry near a heat source. If you do so, you will damage your boots.

What you can instead do is, stuff your wet boots with newspaper and allow them air-dry. Also, you should never wear dry boots.

Resoling & Repairs

You can replace the soles of your pair of cowboy boots if you want, which is a regular practice. While people tend to replace the soles every year, others replace them after years of wear. You can also opt for a half resole.

If you need extra traction, you can consider adding a rubber outlay on the sole. A rubber outlay also extends the sole’s life and saves you money in the long run.

It seems that there is no need to say that your pair of cowboy boots is an investment. As such, you should take adequate care so that you can use them for many years. If you mistreat your boots, then it makes no sense to expect them to last for a reasonably long time.

Refer to the infographic in this post to know all about taking care of your pair of cowboy boots.