How to choose the best search engines from the hundreds of search engines available?

People tend to nominate a search engine based on it’s speed, features, interface as well as data protection. Search engine companies have been engaged in an upward list of users being registered since the start of Internet Explorer. Nowadays a huge variant of search engines have come to the market which is why it has been a huge blow to the user base regarding the best search engine they must choose for a long term basis. For years Google have occupied the pole position with search engines such as Yahoo as well as Bing as the leading contenders for the fight in the best search engine category. But before you go for downloading these popular search engines you must know there are other search engines as well in the market which uses the basic versions of these search engines and then create their very own modernised as well as bloated versions. So how to select a search engine for long term use?

User interface plays a vital role


User interface or more specifically the UI of a search engine would determine whether a person would go for that specific search engine or not. This is very popular among search engine hoppers as they tend to go for just those engines which would look cool on their computer. Now most search engines provide excellent feature rich resources for users to customize their search engine in a way that would suit everyone. Features such as doodles personifying important personalities appearing in important occasions are one such example of how user interface is being researched whcih would finally be a game changing idea in why people should look out for those search engines while searching for the best search engines.

The factor of Ram Usage is another important aspect

The memory or RAM of a computer determines how much capacity your computer can handle. If you have a higher capacity RAM installed then you may not find any search engine unsuitable. But for lower RAM computers, the efficient memory usage is a very much hard affair. Having apps that would eat up important memory resources is well beyond what is intended. Hence always look for a search engine that is bloated enough and which would not take up much of the memory resource available. These days a lot of bloated search engines have come to the market in both the desktop as well as mobile platforms. Search engines tend to use technology that has already been used by popular search engines such as Chromium and then try to bloat it efficiently such that less resources are being eaten up.

The Browsing speed is the most crucial of them all


Though browsing speed depends upon browsers, there is also a possibility that poorly developed search engines would also be responsible for poor browsing speed. This is why search engines such as Google are widely popular. Google is way faster than any other search engines currently in the market. Although Microsoft’s Bing have held the number two position in the list of best search engines for quite a time, people still prefers the Google version due to the speed of browsing it offers.

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