How Smart Home Devices Can Make Your Life Easier

Do you ever wonder why there is so much hype around devices that already exist? Thermostats, cameras, smoke detectors, all these devices basically already exist, so what makes them any different when there is the “smart” factor added to them.

Well, we all know living in today’s fast-paced world and juggling our corporate and social life together can be so difficult, so why not have a few smart gadgets help us out and make us feel comfortable when we retire for the day?

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, are working from home with kids, or a college student living in a rented apartment with a bunch of your flat mates, smart home devices can be used by everyone and personalized to match the needs of your lifestyle.

With smart home devices, running from classes to part-time jobs and back home you won’t have to constantly worry if the electricity bill is racking up or if you’ve forgotten to turn off the thermostat, or a light bulb in the bathroom. You can easily turn the smart bulb off through your smartphone, and your smart thermostat will automatically turn off when it notices that you aren’t home. If you’re a parent, multitasking will be much easier – use a voice assistant to carry out tasks, schedule your day, and even set up reminders for groceries and meal times. Plus, with smart home devices, you won’t have to worry about privacy and security with smart cameras installed inside and outside your house!

Here are some smart home devices that we found were the most interesting ones out of all. You would find that smart lights, thermostats, and smart cameras among others are a common find. But the two below are equally as useful as any smart device.

Voice Assistants: Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Voice Assistants can be a great part of your smart home network as they help keep your other devices interconnected and in sync. Even if you don’t have a smart home device that allows for voice commands separately, they almost always allow for syncing with a voice assistant to enable that feature. Thus, if you’re willing to invest in a good voice assistant, with cheaper alternatives to other smart devices it will be a great return on your investment!

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are great options for a voice assistant that will get the job done and provide for seamless execution of all tasks. In a family, both assistants will allow for separate scheduling, reminders, search histories, alarms, and much more according to your specific voice. That is because these voice assistants allow 6 family members to have their own personalized access to the virtual assistant. If you’re a student and unable to gather the money to buy the assistant individually, you can divide the cost between flat mates who would then have equal access to the device with its 6 voice feature.

With a feature that Google dubs as Routines, users can customize and set up a one-word command that can control various devices according to the user’s preference. For example, users can set up a ‘Good Night’ command that will automatically make your smart thermostat adjust to your preferred night-time setting, your smart bulbs, and smart plugs to switch off, and your smart locks to lock your front door!

So with all these features and much more, life can be much more convenient and easier to go about with the rest and sense of ease that you require at home.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs can be very useful as they allow for appliances and electronic devices to essentially become ‘smart.’

When an appliance or an electronic device is plugged into the smart plug, users can control them being turned or off through voice commands (with an integrated voice assistant) or with remote access from anywhere through the associated mobile application of the smart plug.

Users will no longer have to worry about whether they switched the hairdryer or straightener off before they left in a rush for a night out with friends, or parents with appliances such as the microwave or toaster being left on while they’re away or when they are not in use.

Smart Plugs such as the Wemo Smart Plug connect to the Wi-Fi and also have the additional feature of randomized lights. When set on ‘away mode’ any lights plugged into the Wemo Smart Plug will turn on and off in a random pattern to make it seem as if you’re home. This feature essentially adds to the security and privacy of homeowners. Cheap and easy to use, these smart plugs will be a perfect option for families, renters, and students alike!


Smart Home devices bring about this convenience that homeowners never knew they were missing out on. It’s the home automation, the energy efficiency, and the home security for us. Each device brings with it unique features that are pretty useful and go a long way. If you however aren’t exactly familiar with smart home devices, we would recommend that you check out FirstEnergy Home’s website,, and browse through their catalog. You’re definitely missing out on something great!

Hilary Smith