How Rolex Watches Are Tested To The Extreme

Few companies consistently identify themselves with the pursuit of excellence. One such company is Rolex. The quest for the absolute of this company makes them discover innovative solutions. Right from the beginning, the company utilizes the most extreme conditions to test its watches. Every single piece of this watch gets tested from the summits of the highest mountain to the depth of the deepest ocean. Not only that, it underwent testing on the race tracks and in the air.

Unique Oyster Lock

As you try to climb any rugged summit, you may experience scratches on various watches. But the unique oyster lock of the Rolex watches ensures the highest crowning security. The company also tested the watch by emerging it in tanks of saltwater and chlorine. As the expert team opens and closes the watch hundreds of times, it ensures the full functionality of the watch event during harsh conditions. Let us know about the different types of waterproof testing that the company adopts.

●   Crash Test

The Rolex watches undergo more than 20 drop tests. Even before their launch, the company undergoes these drop tests. Among all the tests, the most severe is the homologation test.

●   Stringent Waterproofness Testing

Every Rolex modelcomes equipped with an oyster case. This case offers the watch movement that helps in the optimal protection of the watch. Not only water, but the watch can also work exceptionally well against shocks and specks of dust.

●   Deep Sea Test Tank

In this test, one gets the guarantee of the watch being water resistant. The Rolex tests all the watches in a high-performance tank. At such depth, the company exerts a force of weight that is equal to 4.5 tons. Such a test can prove to be destructive for watches. But it is a way to say whether the watches are weak or not. If those watches are weak, then they can implode easily. And fortunately, the Rolex watches that we see in the showroom have survived such a test.

Pay Attention To The Seal

Every Rolex watch accompanies a seal that speaks about its status. The waterproofness and self-winding factors of the watch help push back the boundaries of performance. Due to this reason, one can say relax to be the benchmark for excellence, especially in mechanical watches. There is no doubt that Rolex produces one of the premium categories of watches for its customers. Hence it would be worth paying every single penny for a watch like Rolex.

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Hilary Smith