3 Tips To Consider Before Selecting A Professional Wedding Photographer

Hiring a photographer will be the biggest decision of the entire wedding. The photographer will be responsible for capturing the precious moments in photographs that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

You don’t want to rush through this decision. When you are looking for and meeting with photographers, there are 3 things you should consider before:

1.   Decide on a budget.

Most couples don’t realise that photographers can be expensive. Even a rough budget can be a good start. Photographers also offer different packages, like:

  • Only photography
  • Photography + Videography
  • Above + drone footage

Along with the package you choose, their experience, equipment, crew members, editing, and how much time they’re going to be spending with you all go into deciding their fees.

So, shortlist the ones in your budget so you don’t go overboard (because trust us, you can). However, if you don’t have an upper limit, you can go all out; after all, it’s your special day.

2.   Check out the portfolio.

Browse through their work to see if they have experience with the style of photography you are looking for. And don’t run through it quickly. Take your time and check out at least 2-3 full albums to see how consistent they are with the job.

3.   Read the reviews.

A photographer’s job is not just to click pictures and send them to you. They are going to be at all the functions with you, so you need to know how friendly and easygoing they are, how much time they take to send photos, how consistent they are with their style, and whether they know how to follow the instructions you give them.

You can’t possibly know this by meeting them once. So, read reviews and see how others’ experiences have been. You don’t want to later regret that you didn’t do enough research.

Make sure you start this process months in advance because photographers get booked early during the wedding season. Visit Marc Shaw Photography & Films to get more information about hiring a professional wedding photographer for your big day.

Mary Soto