The Alar Reduction Clinic, Your Ultimate Saviour For Cosmatic Surgery

No one in this entire world would not want to look good. Some of them might feel like shredding the extra pounds, and you will also find people who will tell you that they are not happy with their facial features. They could visit a good cosmetic surgeon any time soon.

Now the biggest problem that most of you might have faced is finding a good plastic cosmetic surgeon or a good click where you can avail reliable face modulation surgeries. There are ample options available in the market but finding the right one is the most challenging thing.

Therefore you can book an appointment at the Alar Reduction Clinic (คลินิก ตัด ปีก จมูก, which is the term in Thai), which is the best place for your entire cosmetic and plastic surgeon needs. It is the best place that has mastered the art of performing cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgeries at affordable cost.

Different Types Of Alar Reduction Techniques Available In The Market

There are mainly two kinds of Alar Reduction surgery that are most seen in general. The single incision technique and the only external incision technique. Now you will get both of these services at Chanya clinic, and you can opt for the required operation according to your preference or your need.

·       Single Incision Technique

The best part about the single incision technique is that you will notice visible results after the survey very quickly. Moreover, you will not be able to see the wound from an outsider. The operation scars will dissipate very soon.

If you have smaller nostrils, you must use medicated silicone augmentation. This will help you give your nose that perfect size and shape. Moreover, it will not be changed once you have undergone the reconstruction operation. Hence it is better to consult with the surgeon before the procedure.

·       External Incision Technique

Now, if you are dealing with the problem of enormous nasal wings and you like a solution that will help you reduce the size of it. The external incision technique is the best solution for you. It is a great way of reducing that extra mass.

But this technique has a minor drawback: a lot of scars will be visible on the outside of your nasal wings after the surgery. You might have to follow a dedicated self-care routine to eliminate them. Moreover, you will not be able to increase or decrease the shape of your nasal wings any further once you have undergone this surgery.


If you are considering going for a blepharoplasty anytime soon, consider visiting Alar Reduction Clinic. It is the best place for all your cosmetic surgeries. These days plastic cosmetic surgeries are in fashion, and people are going for face reconstruction surgeries. With the help of experienced surgeons, modern technologies, and high-quality medical materials, it is the best service in the city.

Mary Soto