Latest Hair Colours Trends and Styles of 2022

Life is too short to have boring hair! Isn’t it? We always feel that our hair colour dulls out our appearance many of the times. And this is true! Our natural hair becomes dull and tired after some time. We need to do something for our hair. There are a lot of latest hair colours that we can try.  Our hair also demands pampering and care after all! So, the easiest way to transform our look and breathe life into our hair is through hair colours.

Hair colours undoubtedly add vibrance to our hair but we need to be extremely careful about what we are applying to our hair. There are some hair dyes that only add colour to our locks and in turn, make them dry and frizzy. This happens when a hair dye has ammonia. It is a very harsh chemical that irritates the scalp and makes our strands weak and brittle. Ammonia enriched hair dyes have a lot of side effects. That is why we are always advised to use no-ammonia hair dyes. But what do you mean by no-ammonia hair dyes?

Well, no-ammonia hair dyes like Godrej Expert Rich Crème is infused with natural ingredients. It is a 100{f39c194972c2b204e2fb8328e62c13069bca04df111fba5be42d8b209ae626ca} natural dye that includes ingredients such as Reetha, Shikakai, Amla, Aloe Vera, etc. These ingredients work together to make your tresses full of shine and lustre. The dye not only adds colour but also makes your hair smooth and soft. There is minimal or no damage with this hair dye.

Hair colours are a protective coating on our hair that protects it from environmental factors. It doesn’t let heat, pollution, dirt, etc., affect our hair negatively. Also, if you use natural hair dyes, they will make your hair strong and voluminous. Thus, to get beautiful hair, it is important to choose the right dye. Now that you know the importance of hair dyes, let us have a look at the best hair colour trends of 2022.

Latest Hair Colours & Trends

We have talked about selecting the best dye that benefits our hair. At the same time, it is also important to choose the right shade. What does a right shade mean? Well, the right shade is the one that suits your skin tone, undertone, eye colour, and most importantly, personality. Getting the right hair shade done is very essential otherwise everything will go downhill. Below is the list of the best purple and silver hair colours that are out of the box! You must try them out! Have a look!

  1. Short Silver Purple Hair Shade

This is an amazing shade that gives your hair a smokey effect. The texture that it creates in your hair is just stunning. The colour is purple at the roots and there are grey tips at the end. With this hair colour, you can go with a pixie cut to make this colour more evident and reflective. A pixie haircut will look good with you as your hair will give out magical unnatural locks. Try out this gorgeous shade and give your short hair some vibrance!

  1. Blonde with Silver Purple Hair Shade

You can blend three shades together and give your hair a soft and moisturised look. This shade is for women who do not want to go all vivid and vibrant. This shade is best suited with women who want a subtle colour. We would say that it is a cute purple shade. This hair colour will look best with periwinkle streaks that will give contrast to your lighter natural hair shade. Brunettes must definitely try out this shade. If you are not a brunette, you can go for all blonde hair colour, and then go with periwinkle streaks. Both will do! Try out this shade now!

  1. Icy Opal Balayage Hair Shade

Okay, this is icy! As the name suggests, this hair shade creates an enchanting blend of vivid colours like grey, purple, silver, etc., to give your locks the depth and dimension they deserve. Balayage hair colouring technique will suit best with this hair colour. You can also go for babylights with this hair shade. Now, keep in mind that this hair colour looks amazing with medium and long hair. Create the magic of the mermaid with this amazing shade. Try out a fishtail braid with this hair shade. Don’t miss out on this shade. Try it!

  1. Light Silver Purple Hair Shade

This is a high-maintenance shade and is very difficult to maintain. Be double-sure while you go for this shade. This hair colour is dark purple at the roots and begins to lighten as we move towards the end. This is an absolutely stunning shade that gives a funky pop shade to your locks. We agree that this shade requires care, but trust us this will be one of the best decisions of your life if you go with this shade. Try out this gorgeous shade and turn heads while you walk in. Make everyone fall in love with your tresses with this shade.

  1. Pastel Silver Lavender Hair Shade

Purple is a great shade to work because it gives a beautiful, cool ashy shade to your hair. It also makes your hair look beautiful while fading out. This is a super low-maintenance shade and is subtle enough to look gorgeous. Your long hair styled in waves or proper curls will look absolutely amazing. This is one of the looks that you will be committed to because it is so very beautiful! With this shade, you can go with highlights to give your hair more life and vibrancy. Make sure that with this colour, you don’t wear white right after you have washed your hair. This will add a purple colour to your clothes as well!

  1. Violet & Steel Hair Shade

Another mermaid and unicorn look! This colour is just as magical as the rest in this list. This shade includes different shades of purple, silver, and blue. Altogether, this hair shade is combined to give your hair an alluring look. This hair colour, in particular, suits all hair lengths. Try this hair colour by keeping the base dark and adding colour to your flowing hair. Try out this gorgeous shade now!

  1. Grey to Silver Purple Hair Shade

This is a reverse hair shade. Earlier you have seen purple at the roots and grey at the end. In this hair shade, it is the opposite, i.e., blonde/ silver at the roots and purple at the ends. This is a ‘fantasy’ hair shade that includes lavender tones infused with silver and grey at the roots. This is an amazing hair shade to go with! Try it out to give your locks dimension and vibrancy.

So, these are some of the latest hair colours and styles that you can try. These hair shades give your hair a beautiful and alluring look. Also, it is best to give your hair some care with natural hair dyes. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is a natural hair dye infused with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Amla, etc., that nourishes your strands and gives your hair a beautiful look. Try out the five amazing shades by this hair dye and give your locks colour and care!