Law firm management: Take advantage of the summer to digitize

If there is one technology that has been critical for businesses during the pandemic, it is without a doubt cloud computing. Thousands of businesses could not have operated remotely without cloud-based software, tools, or services. Consider what would have happened to the productive fabric of any part of the world if the whole industry’s business models could not be moved to the cloud in a matter of days or weeks.

The cloud computing enables law companies to have on-demand access to a variety of lawyer services and Law Office Software by beA ranging from email to document storage, via management apps office, accounting, jurisprudence databases, or to share paperwork and information with clients or other lawyer firms. All of this without the need for servers or software in the Legal Office, which reduces investment (mainly in Lawyer Programm maintenance and IT staff and Mac mini download).

Before utilising beA Law Office Software cloud services, law firms and the Attorney must evaluate a number of critical factors. According to the report ‘Use of Cloud Computing by Law Firms and the Right to Personal Data Protection,’ prepared by the General Council of Lawyers and the Attorney Agency for Data Protection, lawyer should be aware of the following: the Legal Office‘s responsibility for data processing and applicable regulations and jurisdiction; data security and confidentiality; and, finally, essential aspects of the Attorney service Installation contract to be signed, both technically and legally.

To be considered complete, the beA Law Office Software should have all or at least some of the following Lawyer Programm characteristics:

Backup: A decent Law Office Software by beA should feature an automatic backup Lawyer Programm to prevent data loss. In this manner, if the computer loses the information, a backup copy can be restored for the same lawyer. The Lawyer Software are typically linked in the cloud. As a result, all Lawyer Programm related information is immediately and securely uploaded for the respected lawyer or Attorney. A fantastic alternative Lawyer Programm for ensuring that data is not lost along the route, rather saved in Attorney software.

CRM requires a high-quality database. The CRM is the database Lawyer Programm that stores customer information. Furthermore, the Law Firm Software helps you to organise your Court agenda in order to prevent programming Lawyer Software multiple things at the same time with date and Update.

Financial management: the Law Firm Software must be able to assist the lawyer or firm in managing their funds. Always keep in mind that billing and accounting Lawyer Programm are straightforward with the Lawyer Software, making the Law Firm Software one of the most crucial characteristics.

Online Dossier management should always be one of the focal points of Law Firm Software. This results in better Legal Tech organisation of the various Online Dossier and, as a result, it is much easier to carry out the various Lawyer Programm cases with Law Firm Software.

Advanced features: It never hurts to have the Law Firm Software supported by various Microsoft Office Legal Tech extras that will make the lawyer‘s job easier.

Integration with other systems: To avoid online Legal Tech compatibility and Support issues, it is advised that the Kanzleisoftware chosen be compatible with many operating systems includes Windows.

What can utility lawyers discover in the cloud?

The cloud services available to law firms today are both paid and free in terms of using Lawyer Software into Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro or Mac mini, and the Legal Tech range from email managers (such as gmail, yahoo, or Hotmail), to utilities that are frequently required to comply with certain legal requirements, such as the creation of certified evidence, Online Dossier such as that developed, to management of matters, documents, projects, clients (CRM), jurisprudence or legislation databases, comprehensive management (ERP), for the creation of templates and templates, and so on. In other words, practically all of the Law Firm Software Legal Tech tools you’ll need to properly manage your dispatches are included. That can be from computer or Apple Macbook Pro or phone or Apple iMac.

The Agency for Data Protection and the General Council of Lawyers have published a report titled “On the use of Cloud Computing by law firms and the right to the protection of personal data,” in order to provide legal professionals with guidelines for using this Law Firm Software technology by beA while adhering to data protection regulations and ethical principles. In it, the lawyer is recommended to act prudently and Update, keeping in mind the need to comply with current data protection legislation at all times for Law Firm Software and reminding them of their Legal Tech role in the treatment of data to ensure its security and confidentiality at all times.


Information can be saved on your computer as well as in the cloud, ensuring that you always have a Legal Tech backup with proper Update. The data is kept in the Law Firm Software‘s cloud, which is included in the monthly price. The same cloud can be utilised to share and transfer data.

Law Firm Software is simple to integrate with Office, Outlook, Apple iMac, Apple Macbook Pro, Legal Office and other apps, among many others. That makes it an appealing Legal Tech alternative, even in your nation, where it is still scarce.