How to Clean Sunglasses the Right Way

It is imperative to clean the eyeglasses properly to prevent damages like scratch marks, as well as keeping them look great. It is more critical now that the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the virus can survive on surfaces for a couple of days, people may be more vulnerable to coronavirus exposure when handling their glasses, as well as touching their faces. The bacteria on the frames and nose pads can cause Staphylococcus infection. People should always practice the essential tips listed below when cleaning both frames and lenses.

How to clean your sunglasses?

First and foremost, always wash your hands using liquid or lotion-free soaps and dry them using a lint-free towel.

Rinse the sunglasses under a stream of lukewarm and clean water. Make sure that the water is not too hot because it can damage the coating of the lens.

Apply a small amount of lotion-free liquid soap or dishwashing liquid to both lenses.

Rub the inside and outside of the eyewear for a couple of seconds, making sure every nooks and cranny is covered, including the end portion that rests behind the ears and the nose pads. People can also use disinfecting wipes to clean the earpiece and nose pads. A soft-bristled toothbrush is pretty useful for cleaning hinges and nose pads.

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Gently rinse the eyewear using lukewarm water. Gently shake it to remove excess water.

Carefully dry the frame and lenses using a lint-free and new towel. Make sure that the towel is not laundered with a dryer sheet or fabric softener. They can leave some residue on the lens.

Remove the remaining smudges or streaks using a clean microfiber towel or cloth. People can find these towels at optical shops, even in photography stores. Always make sure to clean the towels regularly using a lotion-free liquid soap and clean water.

When you do not have the supplies mentioned above for touch-up cleanups, try pre-moistened and individually packaged disposable cleaning wipes. It is also imperative to make sure people do not clean their sunglasses with the following materials because they can scratch and damage them:

  • Toilet paper, tissues, napkins, and paper towels
  • Surface or household glass cleaners
  • Saliva
  • Regular clothing

Other suggestions

Spray sunglass cleaners and use a cleaning cloth if you do not have access to potable water. People can buy them at drugstores and optical clinics. If the lens has an anti-reflective coating, you need to make sure that manufacturers approve the cleaner for anti-reflective lenses.

If the eyepiece lens, like Dita glasses, is in pristine condition, but the frame and nose pad are very dirty, make sure to have them cleaned by an eye care professional, or have the optical shop clean them. You can always change your eyewear’s nose pad.

What to do when there are scratches on the lens

Scratches can have a significant impact on people’s vision and the resistance of the lenses. The best safety and vision must purchase new lenses if the eyewear has scratches. Consider purchasing lenses that have scratch-resistant coatings.

And lastly, always store the eyewear in a hard, case and don’t place them face down. Heat can cause lenses to peel and warp, so don’t leave them in a place with extreme heat like the inside of the car during hot summer months. Remember that they do not last forever. If these things are badly damaged or scratched, make sure to ask experts for help.

Hilary Smith