Good, Old Fashioned Fun: How a Themed Party Can Help Lift Spirits

Hello, animal lovers. Good afternoon, home builders. Nice to see you, foodies. Looking good, families. What do all of these specific references have in common, you ask? They, as so many others like them deeply appreciate having their spirits lifted from time to time.

Recent months couldn’t be more responsible for folks needing to feel happier and more motivated. Making lemonade out of lemons is just the answer. It’s time to create some good, old-fashioned fun with some good, old-fashioned themed parties that are sure to lift a spirit or two! Anytime is a great time to make someone happy.

The truth of the matter is there is so much to celebrate and acknowledge in a person’s life. Whether the circumstances are happy or could use a little help in the happiness area, supporting friends and family with a themed party is a generous way to recognize how spirits need lifting. Sometimes any excuse to have a themed party can have a significant impact. After all, parties are about having fun.

Being human is about balancing joy and stress. Psychologically, staying in states of distress can be treacherous to our mental and physical health, as well as to those around us. So, it is important to incorporate cheer, silliness, friends, family and positive vibes. What better way to lift spirits than by throwing a themed party filled with balloons, costumes, vibrant colors and a whole lot of imagination?

Day-to-day socializing is one thing. Socializing during an easy-breezy themed party is a whole different animal. It is the permission we all need to be ourselves without apology. Dressing in costume for the Christmas holidays makes a believer out of all of us. Bringing out those ’70’s adults costumes online of bell bottoms and disco balls gets people laughing and dancing. Kids love backyards decorated with festive summer delights like piñata’s, funky sunglasses and sun visors. There are no limits where good, old-fashioned fun is concerned.

Remember how fun it was when neighborhood football games were a thing? Graduating from school is always an exciting time. New-to-be moms and dads await their first born and those down on their luck finally get a break.

Selecting a purpose and building a themed party around it is the exciting part. Parties with purpose make a very personal statement that amp up a party’s mission. So, creating a football party motif with funny football costumes, homemade goal posts and cheerleader pom-poms speaks right to the heart of making others happy through the party’s particular theme.

Sometimes, throwing a party to lift spirits has just as much to do with the host as it does the guests. In this case, throwing a DIY themed party that saves money is a double spirit lifter.

Being able to focus on a specific theme helps to keep costs down by filtering out unnecessary details such as too much unrelated food choices or expensive venues. That means budgeting doesn’t have to be a downer for the host and guests can enjoy the creativity designed around the specific theme.

Host and hostess bags can also be inexpensively made with themed trinkets and treats for guests to take home. DIY themed parties doesn’t mean everything has to be homemade. It means personally incorporating the most delightful accents that will take your party to the next spirit-lifting level.

More than ever, it is important to find creative ways to make each day better. Themed parties, large or small is just the spirit-lifting ticket to give us all something wonderful to look forward to.