Get ‘Locked’ with thrill, a web series of all time suspense in Aha

Telugu people showing interest to follow web series, when Aha entered into OTT platform. Aha made the audience get familiar with web series, as the platform introduced many wonderful web series in Telugu.

The web series Locked directed by Pradeep Deva Kumar and the lead role played by Satyadev. The web series is made under the thriller genre. Aha videos, which provides exclusive Telugu content through its platform released it exclusively.

The director designed it with thrill in every end of the episode. Senior character artist Srilakshmi played one vital role. She appeared on screen after a long gap in Telugu film industry. The web series continuing must watch movie list in Aha. Let’s have a look at the story, artists’ performances, technicalities, etc.

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Dr. Anand (Satyadev), a popular neurosurgeon, who is doing research in medical science while doing his profession. When all is going well, in one day he is attacked by two women. After this incident, his colleague Mishab came to his house. After that, he experienced several incidents and further a shocking truth was revealed about Dr. Anand. What is that truth about Dr. Anand? What happened? Who created those shocking incidents? The questions have answers in the web series. Locked is now continuing on Aha with a high rating.

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Artistes’ Performances

Satyadev just lived in the role of neurosurgeon. He had skills to explore different variations in one character. He utilized the opportunity that came to him with the character Dr. Anand in Locked. In other roles, senior character artist of Tollywood Srilakshmi returned with a vital role in this film. Samyukta’s expression of helplessness is excellent. Abhiram Varma, Keshav Deepak, etc played their roles as per the need.

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Directors need lots of skills to portray thriller movies, otherwise they face lots of negative impact on their career. In this sense, Pradeep Deva Kumar handled Locked very well. His directorial skills showed in the web series. He designed every episode with thrill. He carried forward suspense in the story up to the end of the web series.

We know that cinematography plays a vital role in thriller movies. As the need of this, NijaiGowthaman gave wonderful effects to build up thrill and suspense in every scene. His cinematography stunned everyone while watching the web series. His work helped the director very much to elevate the particular scene.

The art division worked well to enhance the curiosity of the audience.

The climax and pre climax scenes are most engaged with stunning facts revealed.

Cast & Crew

Cast:Satyadev, Samyukta, Abhiram Varma, Srilakshmi, Kzeshav Deepak, Vasu Inturi, BindhuChandramouli, Jon Kottoli and Rishi Kanth.

Director: Pradeep Deva Kumar


Producers: Ram Ganeshan, K.S. Madhubala, Shanmuga Raja,

To watch Locked browse ‘Telugu shows online’ ‘Aha’ now

Bottom Line:

You will lock until the climax with thrill when you are watching Locked.