A Short Peek Into The Vast Varieties Of Prayer Mats

Prayer mats, without any doubt, are the most important part of Islamic culture. Muslims have been using these rugs for centuries. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs, prayer mats are made with beautiful contemporary materials allowing you are offering your prayers with great devotion. Each mat varies in quality and price. A cheaper prayer mat will wear out soon, while a good-quality one will last for years with proper care. Many Muslims consider woolen prayer mats because they believe in praying on something that is pure and unique.

Wondering to know about different prayer mats? Keep reading.

  • Portable Prayer Mats

The portable prayer mats come with pre-recorded religious keys which show the sound of pronunciations, prayer times, say prayers, and much more when pressed. These mats are available in a variety of colors and designs to choose from.

  • Woolen Prayer Mats

Previously, wool was considered a luxury, but now it is very affordable. If you are looking for a prayer mat, make sure it is made of wool. This is because woolen prayer mats are incredibly durable and easy to clean than other materials. You can also use these mats for flooring as the material is absorbent.

  • Square Prayer Mats

Square prayer mats are most commonly seen in mosques, schools, homes, as well as other worship places. The square shape allows you to concentrate on one place. Isn’t it distracting to move from one end to another? If so, consider square prayer mats.

  • Floor Prayer Mats

Other types of prayer mats are floor prayer mats. They are ideal for those who are not satisfied with the traditional carpeting in their homes. These knee-high prayer mats feature plush materials that make them esthetically appealing. They come in a broad range of styles and colors, with silver or gold being the most popular. Floor prayer mats, oftentimes, feature beautiful geometric patterns, too.

  • Standing Prayer Mats

Standing prayer mats are other popular types that come in both rolled and flat styles. They are good for those who live in small apartments and do not have a specific prayer area. These types of mats are very soft and comfortable to sit on.

  • Ottoman Prayer Mats

Ottoman prayer mats are commonly used almost everywhere worldwide—Hotels, homes, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutes, etc. They are also available in different styles, colors, and designs. They are very comfortable to take rest on. Some Ottoman prayer mats feature a folded towel or a rolled-up square of carpet.

All these types of prayer mats are designed in accordance with Islamic tradition. It is slightly thicker than a standard rug. Also known as mihrab, prayer mats are made with great devotion to make them truly worthy of praise. Prayer mats from Turkey are amazing and can be found easily in both online and offline stores. Gold and silver woven Turkish prayer mats are the best choices to consider if you want to add something unique to your collection of Muslim art!

Mary Soto