6 Considerations for Choosing a Faucet for Your Bathroom Sink

Choosing a faucet for your bathroom can be a challenging task. The range of the latest faucet design options, materials, and finishes—and their prices—can be surprising. Most homeowners pick bathroom faucets based only on its appearance. Looks are critical. However, you can typically get the desired style without sacrificing convenience or long-term dependability. Here are six things to think about before you enter the checkout line.

#1 Consider the Cost

A bath faucet should not cost you a limb. You may be paying for additional frills rather than fundamental dependability and durability. Check the nearest home improvement stores for a cheaper yet exceptional faucet and handshower options.

#2 Spout Height & Reach

The height and reach of faucet spouts vary greatly. Moreover, most of the time, homeowners may select the style they like best. A tall faucet spout may not fit if you have a shelf over the sink. However, choosing a bath faucet with a limited reach for the sink in your Singapore home may cause water to pour behind the spout.

#3 Ceramic Valves

If you do not want a dripping faucet, choose the latest faucet design with ceramic valves. Other valve types are typically drip-free for years, but they cannot compete with the long-term durability of ceramic. Ceramic valve faucets are around the same price as conventional faucets.

#4 Faucet Finish

The primary guideline is to choose a finish that complements neighbouring hardware, handshower, towel bars, and more. Most faucets are polished chrome, satin nickel, or bronze. All of these finishes are long-lasting and retain their lustre. However, some faucet finishes are more durable than others.

#5 Account for All Holes

Most sink options found at Singapore stores feature three holes. The most common options have one for the hot handle, one for the cold handle, and one for the spout. If you plan to switch setup, look for single-handle faucets with a cover plate to conceal the extra holes.

#6 Convenience

Although two-handle faucets provide an elegant symmetry and are appropriate for many bathrooms, single-handle faucets offer all of the advantages. Furthermore, adjusting the water temperature is more effortless, and there is one less handle to clean.

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Hilary Smith