What are the smartest ways to keep your health fit and ready for everything?

A healthy diet promotes well-being, improves quality of life and can even lengthen it. So, whenever you will think of Health Care Planning, you must remember this first line. One of the key points to improve our health is undoubtedly to maintain a healthy weight, losing weight increases life expectancy in overweight individuals and therefore improves health. Healthy weight means a weight defined as “normal weight” based on the BMI (Body Mass Index) between the values ​​of 18.5 and 25.

Keep yourself active

Forget the sport done to lose weight. And instead, choose the movement as a form of love for oneself. It doesn’t matter how many calories you burn, you can even just go for a walk or dance, the release of endorphins will immediately make you feel better. Another great way to your Health Care Planningis to practicing physical activity. It is good for the body and mind, it reduces the risk of numerous diseases, improves willpower, is an antidote against depression, makes people happier, increases self-esteem, makes us more beautiful, improves our style of life.

Perform medical routine checks

Health is the most precious good. Which is why you must do everything to preserve or recover it. The third most important way to your Health Care Planning. We often forget that our body is truly like a machine. As for our cars, even for our body there is a need for a periodic medical check-up to verify that everything is going well and eventually to give an adjustment to what is wrong. Yet many, even today, are convinced that laboratory tests and instrumental examinations should be carried out only in the case of illness or obvious signs and symptoms. But, prevention is better than cure.

Care personal hygiene

Having proper personal hygiene is essential to keep our body in a state of constant well-being, to prevent some of the most common infectious diseases and to protect the living conditions of those around us. Apart from hygiene, often, it is good to seed ourselves into the mirror to reminds us how worth we are. And what could be better than a beauty routine that allows us to look at that mirror with pride? You will have a more radiant image and a deep sense of peace and harmony.Take time for yourself, watch, listen to your thoughts and clear your mind. To love oneself starts from an internal space in which we find the nourishment we need.

Avoid smoke / drug / alcohol

Speaking of health care and this point is missing? Our body is always compared with temple. The soul lives in it. Do not hurt it, do not introduce useless and harmful substances into our body. We are not saying that you can no longer enjoy a good glass of wine but we are talking about responsible consumption. However, responsible consumption of alcohol is a moderate and conscious consumption, fully compatible with people’s personal and social life. There are guidelines shared by most of the scientific community that indicate the limits within which alcohol consumption can be considered moderate.