When should I take amlodipine?    

Amlodipine is an oral drug that is taken to manage hypertension or coronary artery disease. Amlodipine belongs to a class of calcium channel blockers and has the highest half-life in its class. The benefits of such a long half-life being the ability to be a single daily dosing drug. Amlodipine can be used as a single agent or at the same time with a combination of other drugs to treat patients with these conditions.Amlodipine is available in multiple doses which are 2.5mg,5mg, and 10 mg tablets. For those special groups with difficulty swallowing, suspensions created from the oral tablets are available and can be used. Only after a careful consultation can a doctor determine the dose, and the appropriateness of the drug for you.

     Amlodipine can be taken by children and adults of more than 6 years old. This drug is contraindicated in some cases and this needs to be emphasized. An amlodipine tablet can be taken at any time of the day and it is preferably advised to be taken at consistent times of the day. It should be taken according to your doctor and it is also always advisable to read the labels of any drug before ingesting them. If doubts persist, do not ever hesitate to consult a doctor as it could turn out the very wrong way.

     A usual starting dose of this tablet is 5 mg and it will be tailored according to the improvement of your high blood pressure if changes were to be made. Any side effects will be monitored carefully and doses are different in the children’s age group. Amlodipine can be consumed before or after a meal. An amlodipine tablet can be consumed whole with a glass of water. If this seems to be hard, it can be crushed in a glass of water but has to be gulped down completely and straight away. If liquid amlodipine is prescribed to you, always use a proper tool to measure the right amount of dosing. Do not consider using a tablespoon s this will only give out improper daily doses. Syringes and cups with doses can be gotten from your nearest pharmacy.

     Apart from this, never miss this medication with your beverage or add it to your food. It is to be emphasized that this drug should be continued as told by your doctor. Many of us tend to neglect our medications if we are well and this only leads to complications of our underlying disease. It is reported that grapefruit juice increases the concentration of amlodipine in your body and can cause side effects to aggravate. Do not over consume grape juice or try to avoid it if you are under this medication.If you have missed the usual timing of your drug, do take it as soon as you remember to do so. If you have missed a complete whole day, skip the dose for a day and continue the next day as usual. Do not ever take multiple doses of amlodipine to correct your mistake of skipping a day or two. Overdosing on a blood pressure-lowering drug can cause fatal complications.

      It is advised to set reminders or alarms for consistent dosing of this drug if you always tend to forget about it. If you have somehow taken more than what you need for this medication, please do urgently head to the nearest hospital as this can lower your blood levels dangerously. Symptoms of low blood pressure would be dizziness, sleepiness, and even falls/faints. If you have severe symptoms after ingesting the normal dose of the drug please head urgently to the hospital as this is a hypersensitivity reaction that can too become fatal. Better be safe than sorry.