Proper Skincare Lotions Provide A Lasting Look To Our Skin

Skincare is an essential part of our daily life. We consume food rich in protein and vitamins. Similarly, our skin also needs proper care to retain its glow. As we grow older, our skin also becomes saggy and dull, so we need to choose the products meticulously to get the best results in the long run. Apart from various products, many skin nourishing lotions turn our skin healthy and glowing.

Why Do We Need Lotion?

We drink water to keep ourselves hydrated. Similarly, our skin must get hydrated from the outside, and that part is mainly done by a proper Skin nourishing lotion (โลชั่ั่นบำรุงผิว, which is the term in Thai). Our personalities are different, so our skin works differently; some have dry skin, some oily skin, and some combination skin. So, there are lotions of all skin types of various brands. It’s feasible to go through the properties and choose the best one for the skin. Some creams can be allergic, so a patch test is a must. Few brands offer trial products to see whether they will suit the skin.


Various lotions act differently, like sunscreens, which come under lotion. Not only that but there are also foot creams or hand lotions. The price of the lotions varies; it depends on their properties. It’s better to order dermatologically tested lotions that are paraben-free and loaded with organic elements. We can get hold of these products online, and if you are doubtful about buying a new one, it’s better to go through its properties and reviews, which will make things easier.

What Are The Benefits?

A few things must be considered before buying a proper Skin nourishing lotion.

  • Firstly, whatever the skin, the lotion must provide a proper hydration to avoid the flakiness of the skin. The one-time application can give 24 hours of hydration.
  • Secondly, besides hydration, nutrients are also needed, like vitamins, collagen production, and brightening skin. So, all these properties must be there to make the skin glow.
  • Thirdly, it’s better to choose the lotion based on your skin type; otherwise, it can create pimples or dry or dull skin.


A few things need to be remembered before applying lotion. Our faces must be adequately cleaned using cleansing milk or a face wash; then, a toner is required to tighten your skin. Serums are also suitable for skin; lastly, lotion application will give the best results.

Hilary Smith