Get Your Hip Replaced With Robotic Surgery

We are leaning towards the advanced technological world with high demand for Artificial Intelligence. Hip replacement surgery using robotic style and technologies is increasing daily, and the accuracy of this type of surgery is almost 99{0869658f5eb2b3e6517d509ddd28845c49986e33639eac98a83b2734215e1b2c}. Hip joint surgery price (ผ่าตัด ข้อ สะโพก ราคา, which is the term in Thai) is not known to all. This article will detail hip replacement using AI and the cost.

Who Can Avail Of Hip Replacement Surgery?

Those who are dealing with pain and want hip replacement surgery can avail of this. Those patients who are not satisfied with the proper treatment or those with osteoarthritis of the hip can also avail. Those patients who have already tried non-surgical methods but still have issues can opt for hip replacement surgery.

The price included for hip replacement surgery with robotic style is approximately 345,000 baht. The technology used behind robotic style surgery is MAKO, and hence it can increase the accuracy of the surgery.

How This Surgery Benefits?

When we talk about the benefits of hip replacement surgery, we can say that robotic technologies can enhance orthopaedic surgeon expertise policy. They can work more precisely with proper planning. Not only this, tissue removal and implant placement are also applicable. It will also give you a fast recovery, and few complications are the add-on benefit of such surgery.

When we compare it with conventional surgery, robotic-assisted surgery is quite innovative and tension-free with fewer complications. It is five times better than conventional surgery. Apart from this, robotic surgery offers many benefits to their patients. In the case of this surgery, you dont have to spend a whole week in the hospital. After surgery, only 2-3 days is enough for recovery; after that, you can rest at home. In short, a shorter hospitalization policy is applicable here.

This type of surgery will reduce the pain and discomfort caused after surgery compared to traditional methods. Although it has a faster recovery time and within a few days, you can return to normal condition easily. The risk of infection also gets reduced after surgery. The chances of getting infected in the conventional method are higher than in robotic surgery. It reduces blood loss and transfusions, and minimal scarring is applicable after surgery. The price is slightly higher, but a one-time investment can keep your health far better.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, the robotic style hip replacement surgery will take 30 minutes more time than conventional replacement. Get well soon, replace your hip and make your day wonderful.

Hilary Smith