Chandelier Sizes That Are the Best Choices for Different Rooms In Your Home 

Chandeliers have a way of adding some extra points in the subject of aesthetic value to the room where they are installed. Installing the lighting unit of the right dimension will not only light up the room but will also make the space look beautiful and broad at the same time. Hence, finding a chandelier of the right size for any room is necessary.

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Finding the Chandelier of the Right Size 

Here are some tips for you to find the right chandelier for any space in your home or the commercial space.

  • Add the overall dimension of the room in feet.
  • Now convert the answer to inches.
  • The final answer in inches that you get should be equal to the diameter of the chandelier that you are looking for in your chandelier.

For instance, let us consider that the room where the chandelier should be fixed measures 10 feet x 14 feet. So, the final answer will be adding these two dimensions which will become 24 feet. Now, convert the 24 feet to inches and your chandelier for that particular room should be 24”.

This measurement will not work all the time with all the rooms. Hence, you should look for the calculations that are the idea for measuring the room of any dimension accordingly. Here are some tips for you in such cases.

  • If you have a room in the house with the dimension of 10’ x 10’, then the fixture can be of 17” to 20” width.
  • If the room where a chandelier should be installed is of the dimension 12’ x 12’, then the chandelier with the width of 22” to 27” is ideal for the space.
  • If the room is built with the dimension of 14’ x 14’, then you can go with the fixture of 24” to 32” width

Chandelier Placement 

After you are done with selecting the best chandelier for your room, the next step is identifying the ideal place for the installation. Here are some tips for you.

Dining Room: You can install the chandelier just above the dining table with a gap of 30” to 36” between the table and the fixture ending.

Kitchen: The best place for the chandelier installation in the kitchen is right above the island or countertop. The mini chandeliers or the pendant chandeliers are the best types for the kitchen area and a gap of 30” to 36” should be maintained during the installation.

Living Room, Bedroom, and Entryway: These are the locations where there is a constant movement of the residents. Hence, you should place the chandeliers in such locations where there are no chances of accidental bumping with the head or any other body part of the people in the area.

The chandelier is an ideal addition to any room to increase the aesthetic value of that area. Find the right one and make the room more beautiful after the installation.

Paul watson