Addiction and Drug Abuse’s Consequences on Friends and Family

Being forced to see a loved one struggle with a substance use disorder may be incredibly upsetting and have a negative impact on your own mental and emotional health. It is simple for the drug user’s addiction to take control of your life, whether they are a close friend, spouse, parent, kid, or another family member. It can easily make one having an addicted in family or friends circle feel like guilty, broken down, having an unnecessary burden, helpless, hopeless and bewildered.

A feeling of Pressure

You can be concerned about your loved one’s whereabouts, their potential for overdosing, or the harm they’re causing to their health, future, and home life. You might owe money to them because you had to finance their living expenses, the cost of legal issues brought on by their drug use, or the cost of their failed attempts at rehab and recovery. One can also feel exhausted from carrying their burdens to help them.

The fight is more common than you know

Despite how hopeless you may feel, you are not fighting alone. If you have a friend going through withdrawal effects of alcohol, you are not alone as half of American population has one such person. The abuse of addictive medicines obtained with a prescription has increased, posing a threat to public health.

There is always hope

Drug misuse and addiction can affect people from all areas of life, whether the issue is with prescription medicines or illicit substances. Nonetheless, assistance is accessible. Even your love, tolerance, and support can be extremely helpful for their rehabilitation. With these suggestions, you can learn to support your loved one’s efforts, set the necessary boundaries to safeguard your own health and welfare, and find some stability for both yourself and your loved one.

Mary Soto