Why the computer needs a reliable battery backup or Power Supply?

Technology is vast and nobody can know about it fully even in their whole life. Every technology can be withdrawn from the various number of devices. For example, surge protectors and uninterruptible power supply (เครื่องสำรองไฟ, Which is the term in Thai) devices are meant for the same purpose only. Although, there can be some differences between the two most people are using it for the same purpose. Let us know more about it.

Surge Protectors:

Power supply to your decides is never constant. It usually varies, sometimes it can be higher than the expected range and it can be lesser than the expected range. Although, lesser power supply still does not cause much harm the higher range can destroy the equipment. If not fully, some parts of the equipment can get damaged due to an excessive power supply. In such cases, surge protection is required. It is something that helps in lowering the power supply if it is exceeding the normal limits. Not only the computers, but it can also be used for several other household appliances.


UPS device is made up of two components I.e., Power stabilizers and battery. Depending upon the model or type of component, the battery can supply the power between 5 minutes to 35 minutes. If you are choosing UPS for PC (เครื่องสำรองไฟคอม, term in Thai), you need to choose the device which least gives you 20 minutes before shutting down.

Also, voltage stabilization is done with this device not. This device is multi-purpose, you can use it to stabilize low voltage as well as high voltage. Instead of fluctuating, it gets the power from the battery and sends the power supply at a steady rate. In the case of computers, low voltage can also be dangerous. Low voltage can completely damage the motherboard and hard drive on the computer.

So, you should pick the UPS devices because it can serve both the purposes for you. Rather than wasting money on two separate devices, it is good to choose the single device which will be multi-purpose for you. Never make a mistake of buying it from the wrong dealer because a wrong piece can never serve the purpose. Before choosing the right piece, you need to make a thorough research on the internet and then only you can choose the best piece that can fulfill your requirements.

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