Why Do We Use 3/2 Valve For a Single Acting Cylinder?

A single-acting Festo pneumatic valve cylinder remains as a linear actuator also that receives the work stroke through filling that cylinder by compressed air. A spring will usually perform that return stroke. This cylinder has the connection positions which are utilised to supply or vent that cylinder.

Also, to control that the cylinder, this 3/2-way valve will be used. The 3/2-way involves three ports as well as two positions: First port will be connected over the source that compressed the air, the second port is needed as exhaust, the third port used to connect the cylinder.

This valve holds two positions: which are used to fill and venting the specific cylinder. The essential valve size will be determined once by the cylinder also application characteristics are known.

The ports of these 3/2 valves will be open or closed. When this valve is closed at a non-actuated state, then it is normally closed, and the opposite side is known as normally open (N.O.). When the 3/2 valve open, the air flows of the inlet (P, 1) toward that outlet (A, 2). If these 3/2 valves will be closed, then the air flows of that outlet (A, 2) toward that is exhaust (R, 3).

These valves are mainly the parts of the following: seals, housing, poppet and an actuator by straight operated valves, that spool and poppet remain moved directly through the actuator. Different kinds of actuators include:

  • Push-button
  • Solenoid (coil)
  • Foot pedal
  • Lever, etc.

The festo valve will be open or closed by moving this poppet or spool. The mono-stable valves turn to their failure position when it is performed through spring force.This valve uses some system pressure that used to move this spool.

To do that an extra pilot valve will be used. That pilot valve remains the direct operated by the 3/2-way pneumatic valve. This pilot valve releases compressed air inside of the valve air cylinder.

Well, the cylinder pushes the compressed air toward the piston; also, that actuates the solenoid to turn the valve. That way, a comparatively small solenoid may be utilised to turn the valve. These mono-stable valves used to build by one coil, and the bi-stable valves by two coils. If you are searching for the Festo products to buy you can visit buy pneumatics website which provides you with the best products at the best price. That will be used for various applications which meet all the demands.

By a NAMUR model, the valve may be fixed with an actuator directly to satisfy every NAMUR standard. The manifolds will be utilised to save space also to collect the valves. Most of the 3/2-way valves will be built with multiple manifolds; that has many possibilities to connect with all kinds of valves. If you want proof, you can install a 5/2-way pipe next to this 3/2-way valve. It is a possible combination depending on the design and type of these manifolds.


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