When to Consult A Dentist and An Orthodontist – Know the Difference

Many people think there is not much difference visiting a dentist and an orthodontist for oral problems, but this isn’t true. Even though, both help to improve oral health, they differ in qualification and treatment methods as well. Dentist deals with a number of medical specialties like gums, teeth, jaw, and nerves.

Whereas, an orthodontist will have good knowledge on providing a better treatment for one of the specialties in dentistry such as occlusion, straightening teeth, and correcting bites. If you are experiencing teeth alignment or biting, chewing problems, then consulting a licensed orthodontist is a good decision.

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The following is some information of a dentist and an orthodontist who helps you in getting a clear idea regarding both of them.


Generally, an orthodontist provides treatment for jaw and teeth functioning by using removable, invisible aligners or fixed braces.

An orthodontist has to take training as a dentist, later he/she completes 3 years post graduation at Doctorate or Masters level to become a specialist. An orthodontic must have experience in restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and maxillofacial surgery.


Both dentist and orthodontist mainly deal with gums and teeth. Also, an orthodontist can provide similar care of a dentist. In this aspect both are pretty similar.


You can find many differences compared to similarities. A doctor has to pursue additionally to be a surgeon while an orthodontist has to do specialty in a school. The other difference is, dentists often advice to consult an orthodontist if the patient suffers with problems like overbite.

When to consult an orthodontist?

For adults – will you cover your smile with hands? Are you feeling self-conscious in front of strangers? Then, it is the right time to consult an orthodontist. People often visit orthodontist due to many reasons. Orthodontic treatment gives best results almost at all ages. Also, you can find various options such as translucent ceramic brackets, clear aligners, lingual braces, and more. You can choose the right one depending on your problem and needs.

For kids – You have to visit an orthodontist for your kids when they are at the age of 5. It is mainly for two reasons. First thing is that there will be a difference in development of tooth at this age so an orthodontist can easily recognize whether your child is experiencing orthodontic problem or not. Secondly, early exam helps to treat problems when they are at the starting stage.

If you want are experiencing any problem related to orthodontics consulting an orthodontist is the best option. There are many dental care clinics that offer services of professional orthodontists choose the best one and schedule your appointment today to avoid dental problems and to maintain a beautiful smile.

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