Types of business licenses in Dubai for merchants and entrepreneurs

There are many types of commercial licenses in Dubai, and they are usually of interest to merchants and business leaders in general. Therefore, Emirates Women Magazine offers you a distinguished set of tips and details about commercial licenses you should know:

Types of business licenses in Dubai

There are many commercial licenses in the United Arab Emirates, and their knowledge is necessary to engage in any commercial activity:

Commercial activities in the Emirates

There are more than 2,100 economic activities in the Emirate of Dubai, and these activities are divided into different groups:

Commercial activities.

Industrial activities.

Professional activities.

Tourist activities.

If you want to start a business that does not fall into the list of economic activities and want a new description, you can:

Provide a clear description of the new business that you want to start with to obtain a special license.

Examples of activities:

Activities The approval department / department

Land transport activities RTA Department of commercial activities

Petroleum and oil activities His Highness the Ruler’s Court Department of Oil Affairs

Lawyers and legal advice activities, the Ruler’s Court, Legal Affairs Department

Communications activities TRA Licensing Department

Contracting activities and engineering consultancy Dubai Municipality Building Management / Contractors Qualification Section

Veterinary activities Dubai Municipality Veterinary Department

Types of business licenses in Dubai

5 minutes to issue a commercial license

The licensing and commercial registration sector in Dubai Economy mentioned the launch of the “Immediate License” initiative.

This license enables businessmen to obtain a commercial license in just 5 minutes.

It is sufficient for all partners or one of them to attend if applying through outsourcing centers or happiness halls to obtain the license.

Types of business licenses in Dubai

Types of licenses

There are 5 licenses that can work in the free zones, and they are:

A commercial license that allows companies to carry out the commercial activities specified in the license, such as import, export, sale and distribution.

A general trading license that allows the practice of commercial activities through an unrestricted set of activities.

A professional license that permits the provision of the services mentioned in the license and is subject to the necessary local licenses and permits.

Events license that allows organizing meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.

Business operation permit, which is an option for companies wishing to obtain a lease or work in the free zone.

Commercial licenses in Dubai

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