Tips & Ideas for a Perfect Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Nowadays, photography, either by phone or by DSLR, has become a passion for us. It is done in many occasions or even sometimes without occasion. And this article deals with the necessary interesting facts of pre-wedding Photographer(foto prewedding, which is the term in Indonesian) and photoshoots.Although it is not a ritual followed from the older times, pre-wedding shoots have now become a necessity for most of the unmarried couples.

Why should you do the pre-wedding shoot?

There are multiple reasons to shoot before the wedding and some of them are mentioned below:

  • For arrange marriage, both of you can get the best chance to know each other’s artistic taste by spending a whole day in the shoot. In the meantime, you can also share some life stories as well as take some romantic pictures.
  • This photoshoot gives the photographer a chance to understand your choice and also, it helps them to pre-plan about the marriage photoshoot as well.
  • After minutely observing these photos, you can decide on the angles, positions, and poses that suit best on both of you. You can also choose the type of photography, lights, and editing you need on the wedding day.
  • Nowadays, photographers focus more on capturing some unforgettable moments at your wedding. Henceforth, a pre-wedding shoot will give you the idea of how apt your photographer is as far as your choice is concerned.

Some Ideal Places for Photoshoot

Although photoshoot does not need any particular place or park or temple, still most of you can go to some unique places like natural fields, museums, parks, churches, temples, riverside, etc.

Top 3 advice for a pre-wedding photoshoot

  • You must ask the photographer to do the photo session on a weekday because, on weekends, their rate grows higher than usual.
  • Also, you should not hurry while taking photos as it may break the momentum. Therefore, keep your other works aside for that particular day.
  • You must take soft copies of the photos in a pen drive or memory card or on the phone. These photos can then be utilized for your wedding invitations as well as a slide-show on the day of marriage. You can also make an album of these photos.

Finally, it depends on your budget. You may also feel it be a needless waste of money. But still, happiness has no limit and it can never be categorized under budget.


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