Steps to Choose the right SAP Business ByDesign partner

SAP Business ByDesign is probably the most widely used ERP which is known for its robust capabilities and outstanding features. Widely used by medium-sized businesses, this ERP is by far the best one in the market. So, if you are a medium-size business looking for advanced software you should know that there is an ERP that can benefit your business on a large scale. But, before you invest in this enterprise-ready ERP, it is vital to understand how you can choose the right SAP Business ByDesign partner. With so many partners rendering the ERP services in India, it becomes daunting to find the right ERP partner.

Here are the top ways to help you make the right decision. Let’s evaluate one by one.

  1. Check success rate

The first thing you would want to know is how many successful ERP deployments the vendor has already carried out.  Instead of just relying on numbers, look further. How many are their internal references? What is the success ratio? How many of those are internal implementations? So, extreme diligence is required to ensure the viability of implementation.

  1. Check the partnership with SAP 

It makes sense to check their level of partnership with SAP. It is vital to check who will be working on the project. Enquire as to how long they have been associated withith SAP. Once convince, then only proceed further.

  • Identify their expertise in industries

What you should specifically look in the SAP Business ByDesign partner is their experience and technical expertise specific to your industry.  The industry experience can be of the greatest advantage to your business. Look for a partner that helps you meet the exact business challenges you are confronting.  In general, such a partner should ensure a hassle-free and smooth implementation.

4). Evaluate team size  

Successful projects demand intense hardship and determination.  It is imperative to know the team size of the project. You must also know if they have a big team size that comprises business consultants, certified professionals, and quality checkers, etc. After, you are assured of all these proceed further.

5) Examine After Sales Support

One of the major aspects which cannot be ignored is to examine the after-sales report.  Consider the partner who renders enough support offsite, onsite, onshore or offshore. This is extremely important as you may need the help of these experts in case of any contingencies of system breakdown although in a rare case.

6) Have a planned budget

It’s important to rest your analysis of proper research and have a budget. Consider the following questions before scouting the best ERP software in India.

  • Any integrations involved?
  • Are you using any third-party add-ons?

ERP for small businesses is a necessity of any business; benefiting everyone from automating the business processes to bringing agility and transparency in the workplace. Resting your choice on SAP Business ByDesign is the vital choice but it makes sense to find the right partner to help you reach your business initiatives faster.

Douglas Rollo

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