Stay connected to the Church Guests with the help of Technology

To keep the new guests connected to church (meaning Church Guest Follow-up) gets tough. One needs to send them messages and emails about the timings. Sometimes they forget to give the messages on time.

Software and its need:

To make the work easier there is web-based church management software. It has all the features that the small and mid-sized churches need. The software cost has been kept low by the companies. So that even the small churches can afford to buy and stay in touch with all those willing to come.

Influence of technology:

The widespread of technology all over the globe have done well for everyone. It’s an important part of each one of us. It provides us information thus imparting knowledge. The church management software is to make the work of the management simpler and faster.

There are various functions they have involved in the software. To name a few:

  1. Finding people and families and add them to the group. No limit on how many people can add which makes it even more convenient to use.
  2. Use tags to enlist people differently and track all the important dates of the church.
  3. Send texts and email directly from the account at preset dates and timings. That helps you focus on the preparation of events than reminding people.
  4. Let’s keep a check on attendance and kid’s check-in. All the events that you organize will be tracked with the number of people present. This is done by printing name tags which the software does if commanded to do so.
  5. Schedule volunteers. All per your instruction it sends volunteer requests to those mentioned in the list. And the once who respond are added to the volunteer’s list for the coming event.
  6. Church guest follow-up. This is the most important function that the software has to offer. When new people connect to your group then it’s difficult to always call them and invite them. As per settings, it can automatically send a text message to the newly joined guest one day before the event.


It has always been difficult for the church leaders to ensure all the newcomers continue to stay an active part of the church. Sometimes to follow up is one of the most difficult and frustrating to do for the management team. Because to keep a track of so many people and informing them is at times impossible as well.

Mary Soto

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