Rooftop Garden Ideas That Takes Landscaping to a Great New Level

Rooftop gardens are the best way to have a personal garden in today’s over populated cities that lack free and open spaces. Besides adding some green to your home, it will also help you relax and rejuvenate better after a tough day of hard work.

I have compiled some quick ideas using which you can set yourself up a nice rooftop garden or if you already have one, you can reorganize it in a better and appealing way. If you need more contemporary ideas and professional solution, then it’s best to leave it to experts.

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Some tips on rooftop gardens for you to consider

  1. Having an enormous space or a bad view from your terrace? Or would you like to have a good amount of privacy in your rooftop garden space? Go for tall plants and cozy low seating spaces.
  2. If you want to have a relaxing spot in your rooftop garden then consider having a small place cleared out, where you can stand and relax with a cup of tea or whiskey and get a good view of the outside world.
  3. If your terrace is small, try to keep it more open. This gives it a feeling that it is larger. You can replace the parapet walls with toughened glass walls, you can have shorter hedging plants, try to have small designer planters with contemporary succulent varieties.
  4. For a terrace that is not so big, you can consider having more hanging planters. This will help you utilize the space at your eye level leaving more of the floor space for a cozy little seating arrangement and to walk around it.
  5. Mix and match your plants. Have a variety of sizes. That could help you create a visually attractive design.
  6. Every rooftop garden arrangement small or big, needs a focal point. A focal point is any small but special element that you add your garden, perhaps a center piece statue or a designer bird bath or a fountain.
  7. The last and the most important tip is on lighting and furniture. Make sure to choose your furniture and lighting of your garden to match each other and the theme of your garden.

The tips and ideas work entirely based on how your building and rooftop is and where it is. Therefore, try to understand the ideas given here, make best use of the tips and apply the ideas or tweaks it is based on that suits your terrace, the requirements and availability.

Hilary Smith

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