Pennsylvania Poker and Blackjack Games are All the Rage at Parx Casino

For anyone who enjoys a good card game, looking into top Pennsylvania poker and blackjack spots might be a priority to fulfill their entertainment needs.

Why wouldn’t it be? When you enjoy card games the most within traditional casino offerings, poker and blackjack have a certain appeal to them that surpasses many other variations. While poker often gets chosen by those who want to play against other players, blackjack is favored by those who are thrilled to bet against the house edge.

To summarize, both types of card games remain immensely popular on their own. That is why, Parx Casino offers both of these card games within its modern, spacious, and gambling friendly facility that’s located right outside Philadelphia.

Parx Casino Offers 132 Live Table Games

Under a half an hour drive away from Center City Philadelphia, Parx Casino’s vast facility offers over 132 live table games. Of course, poker and blackjack are a big part of the offerings, which is why the casino is often touted as the best Pennsylvania poker and blackjack spot for gambling aficionados.

But Parx Casino does more than offering the games under its roof. It also facilitates those players with these games who want to enjoy gambling from the comfort of their homes.

Parx Online Also Allows You to Play Via Mobile Devices

The Pennsylvania poker and blackjack games at Parx Casino are available through the casino’s live table games. But you can also enjoy an experience that’s just as immersive via the Parx Online platform.

Available through desktop and mobile devices, Parx Online makes it easier to play poker and blackjack while you are on the go. With native iOS and Android apps for mobile users, the platform ensures to deliver high end graphics that deliver an engaging gaming experience.

The best part? You don’t even have to visit the casino to enjoy these offerings. From registration to payments, everything is done securely through the online platform itself. Due to its safety and security, the website is licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Enjoy Video Poker at Its Best

Ever since video poker started in the 1970s to make use of modern technology in casino games, this spin on traditional card games has grown immensely popular among gambling aficionados. Originally available at on site casinos, the games are now readily offered in online platforms.

That’s why, apart from traditional poker and blackjack choices, the Parx Online platform also offers video poker games.

Available in popular variations such as Jacks or Better and Double Bonus, these video poker games are bound to please those who want something different than traditional card games. Players are given 5 cards at the start of the game, which they can reshuffle to get a certain set of matches.

These video poker games still sport high end graphics and immersive game play like their traditional poker counterparts. But they allow you the thrill that comes with playing against the house edge itself rather than playing with human bettors at the other end.

You can also indulge in free to play video poker, or go the route of playing real money video poker. The advantages of playing the latter include the thrill that comes with real money gambling, while also providing you with some real winnings against your skill.

No matter if you are looking for Pennsylvania poker and blackjack games that you can enjoy at a physical facility, or if you are looking for options to play card games from your own devices, Parx Casino has got you covered.

Apart from card games, the casino holds a wide variety of slots and other table games, while also offering sports betting and thoroughbred horse racing. If you want a holistic gambling experience that doesn’t require you to jump from one casino to the other, then Parx Casino is the answer to all of your needs.


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