Migration of royal butterflies

A study showed that the number of royal butterflies that migrated to Mexican forests during the 2016/2017 season decreased by more than 27 percent, which reinforces fears that a beautiful orange and black insect may be subject to increased risks from severe weather to deforestation, and the study indicated that royal butterflies It covered an area of ​​about 7.2 acres of fir and pine forests in the central states of Michoacan and Mexico in the second half of December 2016 compared to an area of ​​about 9.9 acres during the same period of the previous year. The study was led by the World Wildlife Fund and the Mexican National Committee for Local Areas Natural water. The results showed that the migration of the royal butterfly faces dangers, including the small number of mating places, severe weather and deforestation.

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The study showed that the number of royal butterflies in Mexico decreased to a record during the 2013/2014 season when the butterfly occupied only 1.6 acres of forest, and despite the increase in its number since then it is still much lower than it was twenty years ago.

Royal butterflies lay their eggs on the lawn plant, which grows randomly in the United States. The researchers say the plant that the butterfly larvae feed on can cause stomach problems for the livestock they eat, so farmers destroy them.

The effectiveness of mosquito repellent products is not equal

Researchers are trying to draw our attention to the fact that not all components and specifications of products intended to repel flying insects are equally effective in flushing out mosquitoes that carry diseases such as the Zika virus, and the researchers concluded that products containing dietet or acid eucalyptus oil containing an ingredient known simply as B MDD) is more effective in expelling the Aedes-bearing mosquitoes of Zika, yellow fever, dengue fever and chikungunya fever, and study data also indicate that wearable devices that are declared as mosquito repellent should generally be avoided, said Emo Hansen of the University of New Mexico who is a senior team. Find that P waves of outbreaks that occurred in the last period of the virus Zika has become a lot of products repel mosquitoes achieved great sales, told Reuters Health Service, “It’s a very needed.”

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In the new study, researchers bought and tested 11 mosquito repellent products from Amazon.com and local stores in New Mexico. In total, they tested five wearable devices, five sprays, and an insect repellent candle. They conducted the research on volunteers who did not bathe or use deodorant for at least 15 hours, and after 15 minutes after the mosquitoes were released, the researchers counted the number of insects that approached the participants to determine the amount of insects attracted to the smells of the person, and without using any type of insect repellent participants attracted the proportion of about 89 Or 91 percent of the mosquitoes, depending on how far they sit from the mosquito release site.

Of the five wearable devices, only one managed to significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes attracted by volunteers, to 27 percent. The candle containing citronella oil also had no significant effect.

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But all the sprays sprayed on the person clearly reduced the number of mosquitoes attracted to volunteers, and the rate ranged from 30 percent to 79 percent. The study’s nebulizer contained diet.

Hansen said that the demand for these products and their ineffectiveness indicates that there are not enough regulations to protect consumers, and researchers said in the study published in the journal (Insect Science) that consumers may feel reassured to use these products while in fact those products do not protect them.

The world’s oldest spider has died at the age of 43

Researchers in Australia say that the largest spider in the world died at the age of 43, after following it for years during a study, and the “mother spider” – which scientists call (No. 16) and known as the “spotted door” spider – lived for a longer period of time than the Mexican wolf spider who lived 28 years old, according to the journal Pacific Biology.

The life cycle of most of the trapped door spiders ranges from twenty-five years, and researchers at Curtin University in Western Australia say that (No. 16) did not die because of age, but was killed by a bite of a wasp, and (No. 16) helped scientists find information related to the behavior of spiders. She lives across Australia, including home gardens.


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