Matthew Davies Shares Ancient Mysteries That Will Give You Nightmares


Life is always full of unexpected turns of events. But when you come to learn about some ancient mysteries that can send a chill down your spine, you may get too scared to sleep at night. In this article, Matthew Davies shares with you some ancient mysteries that are enough to give you nightmares.

The Mysteries

  1. The Skeleton Lake – Imagine yourself in a lake full of human skeletons. Would you be ever able to come out of it? Won’t it give you an eerie nightmare all life long? Such a lake known as ‘Roopkund Lake’ was discovered in the Himalayas in 1942 during World War II. The forensic investigations of the skulls showed that they were mostly of Mediterranean people. With skulls having been crushed by blows mostly at the back of the head, it was believed that hundreds of people were killed by a sudden and violent hailstorm in the 9th century.
  1. The London Stone – One of the oldest artifacts of London, The London Stone has baffled scientists about its origin and the mystery surrounding it. It is believed that this lump of limestone has magical properties to it and if removed from its place the city would fall. Even though things around it have changed in the past years, The London Stone is there since the 16th century. There are theories that it might have been placed by Brutus of Troy or Romans. Whatever the truth may be, the stone has not been removed even by an inch since then and science just can’t explain it and even archaeology has failed to explain it.
  1. The Baltic Shipwreck – The most surprising find in 2015 was the discovery of a ship that sank five hundred years ago in perfect condition at the bottom of the freezing Baltic Sea. The shipwreck was found with its hull, mast, and tender boat used to ferry the crew completely intact. It is believed that the crew could have abandoned ship or died from any disease. It is quite eerie and surprising because the ship is in much better shape than it is supposed to be, and nobody knows what happened.
  1. The Ancient corpse of a woman – An ancient corpse of a woman who died about 2,200 years ago was found in a hollowed-out tree in Switzerland in the year 2017. She must have been a woman of importance as she wore a dress made of fine sheep wool. Her jewelry consisted of bronze bracelets, a delicate bronze belt, and a stunning necklace strung with amber and glass beads.
  1. The mysterious burial pit – In the year 2017, during the rehabilitation work of a local church in Portugal, a burial pit with the remains of several animals including a horse, sheep, goat, cat, bird, and of a child was found. Investigations have dated the remains back to the 13th century when Muslims-rule over Silves was coming to an end. Just one sight of this burial pit of a child with several animals is enough to give you endless nightmares.


Matthew Davies believes that there are many more ancient mysteries in the world that we have yet to discover. However, discovering them may not be a good idea as they can create more questions and reveal even more mysteries.

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