Lowell Farms and the Production of All-Natural Cannabis

The stigma surrounding cannabis has evaporated rapidly and many states, including California, have legalized cannabis. This has opened the doors to a new and wildly popular industry surrounding the popular flower. At the same time, people have an opportunity to enter into and grow this industry in the right way. This means growing cannabis in an all-natural manner. Lowell Farms is proud to be on the front lines of this fight, producing natural cannabis from day one. In this sense, Lowell Farms has remained ahead of its competition.

An All-Natural Business

Lowell Farms is committed to running its cannabis business the right way. This starts by providing all of its workers with a livable, fair wage. There has been a lot of discussion in the media surrounding the mistreatment of workers. Lowell Farms is committed to setting an example for other companies. If this industry is going to continue to grow and develop, it needs to treat its workers fairly. For this reason, Lowell Farms strives to create a working environment that everyone can be proud of. Workers are paid enough to live a comfortable life while also providing for their families. This commitment to its workers has not gone unnoticed and has been praised throughout the working world.

Free from Pesticides

In addition, Lowell Farms producing all of its crops without using pesticides. Pesticides have long been a sticking point in the farming community. Nobody wants to see their crops destroyed by pests, which is why pesticides developed in the first place. At the same time, pesticides can contaminate the crop as well as the drinking water, harming humans, plants, and animals alike. Lowell Farms is proud to produce its crop without the use of these dangerous pesticides, contributing to organic, all-natural cannabis growth.

Free from BPA

Glass tubes are an integral part of the cannabis industry; however, even these can be made in a superior way. While BPA might be a cheap way to make tubes for joints, they are also incredibly dangerous. BPA cannot withstand the stress of regular use and will start to break down over time. What happens next is that the chemicals in the tube will be inhaled by the user, leading to dangerous side effects. Lowell Farms is proud to announce that their glass tubes do not use these dangerous chemicals. We are dedicated to keeping our customers safe from harm, which is why our glass tubes are made without the use of these dangerous BPAs. Even though it is more expensive for us to make tubes in this manner, they are far less harmful than the single-use plastic tubes that other companies use.

The Opening of Lowell Cafe

Lowell Farms has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its dedication to its customers. This has allowed the company to offer up a new location called Lowell Cafe. This restaurant has dishes that have been designed by celebrity chef Andrea Drummer. The dishes are designed to enhance the effects of cannabis, helping everyone experience this culture in a new way. The restaurant is incredibly unique, creating an ambiance that everyone is going to instantly love. The restaurant has already been praised by celebrities, contributing to its rapid growth. Even though the restaurant only recently opened up its doors for the first time, it is already among the most popular spots in the area, as it is consistently packed with people. For this reason, anyone who is looking to experience the cannabis culture in a pure way should rely on the team from Lowell Farms and Lowell Cafe.


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