How To Rock Different Hairstyles That Will Keep Everyone Guessing

Dare To Be Different

Are you the type that likes to try out new hairstyles when you go out, or for special occasions? If so, this article is for you. If you enjoy changing your hair color too, this information is perfect. First of all, achieving radically different looks like this is extremely challenging, and takes a person who dares to be different! Changing your appearance often is thrilling, and watching people’s reactions is one of the perks that makes it so appealing. If this is you, but you’ve never tried customizable hair extensions, then you’re in for a treat you’re going to love.

Best Hair Extensions

The best customizable hair extensions are the clip-in variety, such as those found at higher quality places like The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. They make theirs using 100% real European Remy human hair, which is the highest grade on the market today. Their unique design attaches securely in just seconds, and does not damage your own hair like other methods do. With proper care they can last up to 3 years, making them an excellent investment. And the best part is they’re fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style.

Versatile Looks

Having customizable hair extensions gives you the ability to achieve a variety of great looks that are completely versatile and diverse. They can give you the dramatic changes you crave and enjoy, altering your appearance in a big way. You can change hair colors, styles and even lengths with the help of these extensions. They are fairly easy to care for, especially if you buy products specifically designed for your extensions. If your own hair needs a boost, these hair extensions are the answer you’ve been looking for, and you’ll be able to rock different hairstyles to your heart’s content!

Caring For Your Extensions

Caring for your customizable hair extensions is relatively easy, especially when made of high quality human hair. You use healthy, nourishing products routinely, but do not need to wash them as often as your own hair. Use sulphur-free and paraben-free products, and wash every 15-20 wears or until product build-up makes them unmanageable. Use a superior quality moisturizing conditioner, and if you must use heat, be sure to use a moisture, hydrate and heat protection spray first. And gently comb out tangles after every wear, to prevent impossible knots forming. Usually, the place you buy them will sell products designed for them, too, which makes things easier.

Other Benefits

Some other great benefits of having customizable hair extensions are the many different things you can do and try out. For instance, if you want to try a new color before going permanent, you can try it first on your extensions and have a multi-dimensional effect. You can try out adding length to your own hair before deciding to grow it, or go curly or straight for a different and interesting look, before perming your real hair. If you’re the type who likes to rock different hairstyles and keep everyone guessing, you’re going to love these hair extensions!


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