How To Plan For The Unplanned Employee Absences?

Employee absences are more or less always seen negatively by the employer. It is assumed that loss of productivity is bound to happen because of this. When the leaves are unplanned, they are seen with more disdain. While there may be some serious emergencies or issues sprouting, that can force the employees to take unplanned leaves. But, if such absences start occurring quite frequently, you company rules and the habit of rejecting a leave request raised by them using attendance management software can be the reason.

It is for you to decide how you want the employees to behave. But, sometimes unplanned leaves are actually taken during the emergency and to not let your work get impacted because of it, you better stay prepared! And let as an employer also be prepared for the sake of not disturbing them with work-related calls if there is something really catastrophic. Here are a few tips that can help you with the same.

Ask the leads to keep one employee in the loop enough to manage the works or know the information so that the work can be done in their absence as well. It is not okay to leave the key to the kingdom to just one person, let everyone stay in sync with the happenings related to work. This will make it easy for you as a company to manage the work even when a person or two are not present. When people have access to accounts and information, they will be able to run the functions without the presence of one person.

Make it easy for employees to report their status, this will help the employees in keeping you informed. It will also place you in a better position to make the changes.  Make yourself easily reachable and be someone who understands so that the employees don’t cook up grave reasons to take leave and tell it to you about it at the end moment. There are several options for the same. They can use a mobile app of the attendance management software you are using to apply for the leave with the message, they can WhatsApp you or call you as well.

Let the employees pick up the shifts they want and take up extra work. The work has to be done no matter if an employee is coming or not. So, make sure you release an incentive or some reward for the employee who fills in for the other person. This will get the work done. You can also ask the employees themselves to suggest their replacement for the days they will be absent on. It is also relevant for you to stay in touch with the employee, not for work but just letting them know in some way or the other that they are being missed. It can be as simple as sending a group part picture or a brainstorming session with a message that they were needed or missed at the venue. Attendance management software can keep the record for overtime and can give compensatory off or incentive, whatever you accustom it to do.

Moreover, instead of whining for the leaves, employers should have sound technologies in place to support them during such time. This way you will be able to easily handle the absence of the employees. One technology that you must have is one of the HRIS software India is offering. It can help you keep a track record of attendance and pay the employees who did extra work accordingly. It will also make it possible to see if an employee is taking leaves too frequently. Either it is a red signal that the employee is looking for a change or there is some serious personal or professional life issue going on. Place a discussion when you notice something like this and help the employee in whichever way you could.

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