How Silica Protection Masks Help Prevent Respiratory Diseases

Working in a hazardous environment can pose risks to workers, especially those who are in construction sites. The abundance of various minerals and chemicals can lead to serious respiratory diseases that affect the quality of life. Good thing, there are protective gear like silica protection masks available for purchase.

According to The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), crystalline silica is classified as carcinogenic to humans. Given this, the Government of Australia released Respiratory Protection Standards to protect workers from the hazardous work environment.

What Is AS/NZS 1715 Selection?

Companies need to comply with the AS/NZS 1715 to ensure that workers will be protected from harmful, fine particles. To meet the standards, mask fit testing, training, maintenance of gears, and medical screening of users.

The qualitative fit test provided by SureFit Services ensures that companies comply with the standards to protect the wellbeing of workers. The AS/NZS 1715 is required to perform at least once a year.

Silica Protection for Hazardous Workplaces

Aside from construction sites, workers in mines, factories, and quarries are exposed to granite, sand, cement, mortar, and concrete, which can damage the body’s respiratory system. By wearing protective masks, these particles are filtered.

Wood, Asbestos, and Formaldehyde are common for laborers in construction and underground workers. Drillers, bricklayers, cement workers, and construction operators need to have heavy-duty gears to avoid exposure to the said particles.

Reasons to Choose SureFit Services

For a reliable fit test, SureFit is the name to trust. The company provides a small and large-scale respiratory test to comply with the safety standards of the Australian government.

The best reasons to choose SureFit include:

  • Convenient Booking

Save travel expenses by booking a fit test online. The booking system provides information on SureFit Services’ locations and available schedule.

  • Flexible Testing

The representative will come to the worksite or at any appointed location. This will help you prevent operation disruptions and loss. In addition, the company also allows partnership, so certification for workers is guaranteed yearly.

  • Comprehensive Training

SureFit also provides comprehensive training for workers on how to properly use respiratory protective equipment. This is included in the fit test service, at an available location of choice.

  • No Minimum Number of Participants

Owners of small businesses can benefit from the fit test service of SureFit because they cater to small and large-scale companies.

Preventive measures, such as conducting fit tests for worksites with crystalline silica exposure, are needed to protect workers from respiratory diseases. Companies that do not comply with the required standards can face penalties. Check out SureFit Services for reliable face fit testing. For more information, visit their website today.

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