Here’s Why Penis Girth Matters

We often read it in magazines: size doesn’t matter. You hear a lot of guys say that it’s not about the size, but what you do with your penis. While this may be true to some extent, ultimately, the size of your penis does matter. There’s only you can do so much with a thin penis.

The girth of your penis is perhaps the most important attribute of it. Sure, you can have the longest penis in the world, but you would still have to use a thick penis sleeve if you truly wanted to improve your sex life.

Below are some of the reasons why.

Putting more pressure

If you have a wider penis, you are able to put more pressure on the vestibular bulbs of your partner. This is essentially the part that makes your partner feel full upon your entry. The feeling of fullness is something that is associated with pleasure by most women because of the tension it creates inside.

The pressure that a wider penis applies can also be connected to the tugging movement inside whenever you continue with your motions. The thicker the penis girth is, the more sensation of being tugged there will be which causes a more pleasurable sexual intercourse.

You can coast with it

The most common thing that a woman will say when asked if they’re fine with a man with a thin penis is that they are. If you ask them why they’ll tell you that it’s all about the performance. However, as stated above, the tension inside your partner is created by the feeling of fullness.

When someone has a thin penis, they will have to work harder by doing a circular motion during sexual intercourse. While this may suffice them and their partner, this can get particularly tiring especially if doing multiple rounds of sex. With a thick penis, you can essentially do less and still be able to satisfy your partner.

Vaginal orgasms are more intense

Many studies have been done regarding this matter and most women state that they have more intense orgasms if the penis is thicker. The usage of a thick penis sleeve can make this a possibility for men who don’t have a girth that’s thick enough to achieve it.

Another thing that has been associated with the intensity of the orgasms is the feeling of not being to quite pull away due to the thickness of the penis. A lot of women associate this feeling, as stated above, with the feeling of fullness to the feeling of pleasure due to the stimulation.

Experimenting with different positions

There are many positions that are simply not possible when the penis is not thick enough. The reasons vary from not being able to feel the penis and not actually reaching the pleasurable spots for the woman. To combat this dilemma, using a black cock sleeve can help tremendously. A sleeve can also be a non-drug treatment for those with erectile dysfunction that can’t sustain thicker erections.


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