Diamond – The Most Desired of all Gem Stones

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Diamond is one of the most expensive of all the gems available. The history of diamond goes back to more than thousands of years. A natural product, diamonds are found underneath the earth’s surface and are created under extreme pressure and temperature. After a diamond is mined, it goes through a series of processing mechanisms, where it is cut, polished in order to give it the shine and make sure that it retains all the properties of a quality diamond.

There are some highly interesting facts about diamond, which you would be interested in. In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of them.

Few Interesting Facts about Diamonds you need to know

It is believed that diamond is the birthstone for those who are born in the month of April. This means, ladies who are bon in the month of April, would be as attractive and glittery as diamonds.

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Here are a couple of facts about diamond, which might interest you.

  • According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, diamonds were believed to be tears of god or splinters from stars. According to the Roman belief, arrow of the cupid was diamond tipped.
  • It is believed that the existence of diamond can be traced back to more than three billion years.
  • Diamonds are formed almost 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface. They are either mined to the surface or often, they come out as a result of volcanic eruptions.
  • Diamond is one of the rarest natural gem, which is made of a single element. It is nothing but 100% carbon. Deep inside the surface of the earth, under tremendous pressure and heat, the atoms of the carbon gets bond in a very unique and special manner. This is what results in the crystalline structure of the diamond and its overall beauty.
  • You would be interested to know that the word diamond has been derived from “Adamas”; a Greek word. It means indestructible or invincible. The meaning makes absolutely perfect sense, considering the source and durability of diamonds.
  • Diamond is considered to be as one of the toughest and hardest natural substances. A diamond can only be scratched with another diamond.
  • Diamonds are being coveted and valued for more than thousands of years. There are historical records, which suggest that Diamonds were mined in India and traded to other countries during 4th Century B.C. Pliny, the Roman historian has recorded the huge demand of diamond among upper class Roman ladies, and its import from India.
  • Diamonds were used by the ancient Hindus as eyes of their gods. It was also believed that diamond has the power to protect the wearer from different types of dangers.
  • According to many ancient cultures, diamond was the source of courage and strength. This is one of the reasons as to why, many ancient warriors used to fit diamond on their armors.
  • It was also believed that diamonds had healing powers and were capable of treating different types of ailments from mental illness to fatigue.
  • The major sources of diamond keep on changing from time to time. During 1400s, India was considered to be the only source of pure diamond, and Indian diamonds were exported to Rome, Venice and other trade centers in Europe. Within a span of 300 years, by 1700s, India’s supply of diamond declined considerably, and Brazil emerged as a dominant player in this domain. Later, in the 1800s, diamond was mined in South Africa, and they overtook Brazil. Today, diamond is mined in different countries of the world
  • The Cullinan Diamond is the largest diamond ever to be mined. This diamond was weighed at 1.33 poubds or 3106 carat. It was discovered in South Africa, in the year 1905. This diamond was presented to King Edward by the South African authorities and mine owners. Eventually, this diamond was cut into nine separate diamonds. Three of these nine pieces could be seen at the Tower of London.
  • According to historical records, the first time ever, diamond was used in an engagement ring, was in the year 1477. Archduke Maxmillian an Austrian, gave a diamond with the letter “M” spelled out to Mary of Burgundy.
  • When it comes to the diamonds which are artificially made in the laboratories, they come with the same chemical, physical and other optical properties which are found in mined diamonds. These diamonds are highly sustainable, and impact of environment is minimum on them.
  • You would be amazed to know that a planet has been discovered which is believed to be composed of carbon, mostly, and one-third of it is pure diamond! This plant was discovered in the year 2004, and it orbits a star in the Milky Way. The name of this planet is “55 Cancri e”



Diamond is one of the most precious stones which is used in the jewelry industry. An engagement ring, with a diamond on top of it, carries a special meaning and gesture. Considering the long and rich history of diamond, it would be the perfect option for you to present to your lady on that special evening. However, before you buy one, you need to be absolutely sure about the quality of the diamond. There are different types which are available in the market. Visit the online stores in order to find more details about diamonds and their variations.


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