Cool Beginner Vape Tricks to Make your Popular Among Peers

If you are into vaping, then there are so many tricks that you could go for. There are certain basic and advanced level tricks that you would be able to master with time. Vaping has gained a lot of mainstream popularity over the years.

Though it has been proved to be a much safer process than a normal cigarette and other traditional items, often vaping is done keeping in mind the entertainment factor as well. Here are some great and easy vape tricks that you could go for which would make you a champ in this.

Ghost Inhale:

If you are a beginner, then this trick you would be able to do without any help. This is a trick for everyone and if you want to learn the cool vaping tricks, then this would be a great beginning. It would look like a Casper like release and would look cool. It would be shipped back as well. This is also known as a mushroom cloud and is a natural-looking trick that you could go for.

The Dragon:

Well, if you are looking for ways by which you would be able to impress your friends, then this would be a great trick that you could go for. It is so extravagant that it would look as if you are blowing out a huge dragon. The vapor would come out from the corner of your mouth.

All you have to do in performing this trick would be take a drag from the vaporizer. And then you have to use some force to exhale it out from your nose and the corner of your mouth as well and you would be able to do the cool vape tricks.

The Waterfall:

This is another of the easy vape tricks which would look extravagant but is for the beginner level and would look good as well. This would turn the vape into a heavy and fun water-like substance and that too flowing from the bottle. This is a trick that would not be hard for you to master once you learn how to do it.

You could also go for vape bubbles and other types of tricks like a tornado and liquid mist, which would prove you to be a master in vaping in front of your peers. However, always remember that your safety is very much important when you are doing vaping.


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