Cannabis lounges begin to open up

Now that a lot of states across the country are legalizing recreational marijuana, Cannabis lounges are starting to open up. One prominent example is the Cannabis Café that opened in West Hollywood in September of this past year. In fact, this Cannabis Café that was opened by Lowell Herb Co. is the first of its kind to open up in the United States. Many curious newbies and seasoned cannabis users alike are interested in experiencing the unique and enjoyable experience that weed cafés like this one offer.

For a long time, weed possession was criminalized nationwide and those who enjoyed using cannabis had to hide their habit. Thanks to some long awaited changes in the legal status of marijuana, it’s now possible for public businesses to open offering a place where people can enjoy marijuana along with great company and delicious food. The Cannabis Café of West Hollywood features a menu that was put together by renowned Chef Andrea Drummer. Chef Andrea Drummer brings Cordon Bleu prestige to the new Hollywood establishment.

Because the weed lounge is such a new thing, many people might be uncertain about what to expect at these establishments. If you’d like to experience a weed lounge yourself, you should first realize that you’ll have to travel if cannabis is still illegal recreationally in your state. These cannabis lounges are only available in states where recreational marijuana is legal. You should also know that cafés will typically have cannabis menus offering numerous forms of marijuana. A typical menu should not only have bud for smoking, but also edibles and possibly even cannabis infused beverages. A last thing it’s important to know is that a weed lounge is unlike a bar in that it’s a place where you can socialize and relax in addition to ordering bud, food, and beverages.

That being said, you should head to your local distillery for information on cannabis cafés near you. In fact, some distilleries themselves are getting into the weed café business. The original Cannabis Café itself was opened by Lowell Herb Co. Lowell Herb Co. had previously been known as the best brand for pre-rolls in California. However, now the company has earned the distinction of being behind the nation’s first cannabis café.

Perhaps you’re planning on visiting a cannabis café in your area for the first time. As such, you’re no doubt curious about what to expect. You should know beforehand that you won’t be able to get in unless you’re at least 21. As with bar establishments where alcohol is sold, weed cafés require guests to be 21 to enter their facilities.

Fortunately, you can also expect a great atmosphere in addition to needing to bring along your ID to prove your age. A lot of weed cafés feature luxurious surroundings. In fact, the original Cannabis Café has an atmosphere to rival some of the most swanky lounges and bars in the entire Los Angeles area. Don’t be surprised to see ornate decor and gorgeous surroundings.

If you’re happy about cannabis being legalized in many parts of the country, show your support by heading to your nearest cannabis café. These cafés are great places to celebrate legalization with your friends. They’re also great places to meet new people and experience cannabis in all of its many forms.


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