All about the Most Advanced WordPress Reset Tool

Sometimes, you may need to reset your whole WordPress site, because of some customization error. Usually resetting the whole page is a manual process of reinstalling WordPress, and starting off again from the scratch. However, with the help of the WP Reset plugin, you can easily and quickly reset your page without any complications.

WP Reset Plugin

WP Reset allows a user to reset the site’s database to the default installation state, without altering any of the other files. It will delete all the content, theme, and customizations made additionally by the user. It will delete all posts, pages, comments, media entries, and custom post types. It will also delete all custom database tables.

However, it does not delete or modify the media files, even though if it is not stored in the Media folder. Furthermore, themes, plugins, and upload can also remain the same. The original site address, WordPress address, search engine visibility, and site language also remains the same. Lastly, the current users will be restored with the same username and password.

This plugin WP Reset is the quickest and most convenient plugin. You can even check out their website, where they provide more information about the plugin itself, and about how to reset WordPress using it. The plugin has been developed by a Croatian company Web Factory Ltd, especially for non-developers. With this tool, WP users can easily reset their sites with zero coding knowledge.

Benefits of using WP Reset plugin

The following are some more benefits provided by this plugin in comparison with other WordPress plugins.

  • One-click restore: The built-in snapshots that you can click allows you to restore your customizations and content.
  • Multiple fail-safe instruments: This prevents any accidental data loss.
  • Integrated with Webhooks: WP Reset is integrated with Webhooks which allows you to connect WordPress to any third party systems and allows you to use it from other applications and WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions about WP Reset

  • Does WP Reset make backups?

WP Reset does not automatically make backups but they have an option of backing up data beside every tool.

  • How to log in after resetting?

Only one user can be restored after the resetting. The current logged in user is the only one to be logged in with the same username and password.

  • Will the files be deleted and modified when I reset the site?

If you do a full factory reset, the files are left untouched. However, if you want to delete files there are individual options to do so.

  • Will I have to reconfigure wp-confid.php?

You will not have to do any reconfiguration and none of the files are modified either.

  • Do you support WP-CLI?

Yes, the plugin is WP-CLI compliant. You can type “WP Reset” in your shell to see the available options and other commands.


The information mentioned above shows the benefits of using WP Reset and how it makes using WordPress much easier. Alternatively, you can redirect WordPress pages, if you your existing web page have good rankings. That way you can save your website from losing the traffic.

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