Akoya Pearl Colours – What You Need to Know?

Pearls are the famous gemstones which are admired by both men and women for its beauty. Besides, many people say that wearing pearl jewellery can bring good fortune into their life. This is the reason why the demand for pearl jewellery is always high in the market across the world. Pearls are generally available in 2 different types and they are cultured pearls and natural pearls.

Natural Pearls

Natural pearls are formed in the oysters without any kind of human intervention. In fact, a natural pearl is formed in an oyster when a foreign substance enters between its shell and mantle. These pearls are very rare and hence they are generally costly when compared with the other pearl types.

Cultured Pearls

Some of the different types of cultured pearls include Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, Mabe pearls and etc. All these types of cultured pearls are special in their own way. However, an Akoya pearl looks more attractive than all the remaining types of cultured pearls. Let us discuss in detail about them today.

Akoya Pearl – Colours and Shapes

These pearls generally come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Besides, they are highly desirable across the world. In fact, they are famous for their classy look, perfect shape, great lustre and satiny surface. An Akoya pearl is generally available in variety of shapes like round, drop, semi round and etc. These pearls come in different colours like

  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Rose
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • White

The white colour pearls are more famous among people for their flawless beauty. The rose colour pearls also look lovely. Jewellery with rose colour pearls looks very classy. In fact, they go really well with casual wear. Besides, you can try the white pearl jewellery for your special events like wedding, birthday parties and etc.

Choose single white Akoya pearl studs, if you want to look simple and stylish. You can try such single pearl studs to your office and you no doubt you will definitely look classy. Necklaces with rose colour pearls can make you look really lovely and they go well with any type of outfit.

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