Acquiring social skills that guarantee success

Social skills refer to the tools that can enable a person to develop healthy relationships, protect themselves and live harmoniously in society. The tools are indeed helpful for a number of things like communicating, learning, asking for help, meeting your needs inappropriate way, making friends, etc. however, it includes both verbal tools like language and non-verbal ones like gesture, your physical appearance as well a body language. Social skills are very important because they ensure the integral functioning of the society. However, the development of social skills or nurturing of social skills seems to have been having a setback owing to the development of social media platform that prevents the need to develop a set of proper techniques and practices that must be followed to develop a relationship with others.

 Social skills for success

  Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just started a business or a businessman with vast experience you cannot deny the fact that Social skills if applied properly can have a positive impact which manifests as success in business and life.

  Essential social skills that can produce a positive impact include

 Eye contact– Establishing eye contact with the person you are speaking to is indeed a great social skill one should possess. This would be an indication that you are listening to what the person is saying or rather open to listening to him speak. It is good to practice eye contact in your daily life because it is an indication that you are showing an interest in the person whom you happen to come across or meet by chance. This interest could mean familial, friendship, respect, authoritarian, love or any other bonding.  The eye contact is what would make others differentiate between an aloof person and a friendly person.

Body language– The body language is the second most important Social skill after eye contact in communicating your interest in the person you meet. Body language is indeed non-verbal cues that can help you attract or turn off others.

Be assertive, not aggressive– Being assertive means standing up for what you think is right. You have all the right to communicate it. this is assertiveness. But, do not do it in such a way that you make the person you are communicating with feel they are wrong or go overboard to the extent of insulting them or being offensive. This means that you are being aggressive.

Choosing the right channel of communication–  There are a number of ways in which you can communicate with a person. Even in this highly liberated world where there is no strict boss-employee hierarchy system, it is indeed important to communicate through the right channel at the right time. Similarly, an email cannot suffice when you wish to convey something emotional. There are indeed certain things that can be communicated better in a phone conversation rather than an email. It is imperative that you avoid conflict or an argument in a social media platform or email.

Accepting criticism– This is indeed a Social skill that indicates the level of your maturity.  Criticism is not easy o hear. But, it does not mean that you have to go on the defensive mode immediately. Listening to what is being said and trying to absorb the information is indeed a valuable trait to taste success in life.

 There are a number of other Social skills such as being flexible and cooperative as well as giving respect to others all of which have a definite role in ensuring success in business and your life. Keep acquiring and polishing your social skills to be successful.


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