9 Tips To Turn Your Basement Into An Extra Bedroom

Using your basement as a bedroom has a negative aspect to it, but that’s because you are referring to it as the basement. What you want to do is to have a bedroom that just happens to be where the basement used to be. This means that you need to do a full conversion.

Different homeowners have different reasons for needing an extra bedroom. You might be needing another bedroom for a new member of the family or you may simply want another one where you can sleep if you want a different environment from your current bedroom. Below are some tips for basement finishing Colorado Springs.

1. Account for the space

The bedroom that you currently use might be bigger or smaller than your basement. Make sure that you do not base your plans off of your current bedroom without accounting for the space that you have in your basement.

2. Buy furniture of the correct size

When you determine how much space you are going to have in your basement, that is when you account for the size of the furniture that you are going to put inside of it. Make sure that you look at different angles so you have a better idea of furniture placement.

3. Avoid filling it with too many things at once

It is easy to get excited when you are working on your basement especially if it is your first time adding a new room into your home. Take it one step at a time so you have better judgment at every step of the way.

4. Consider who’s going to sleep in it

Are you the one who’s going to sleep in the basement-turned bedroom? Will you be directing your guests to your basement in case they need somewhere to sleep for the night?

5. Paint it with bright colors

If there is no source of natural light inside the basement, the best thing for you to do is to paint it with bright colors. This can help eliminate the feeling of being cramped inside when you are sleeping especially with the lights turned off.

6. Ask your contractor about the amenities

The water, electricity, heating, and everything else should be considered when it comes to basement finishing Colorado Springs. Sometimes, you will need to install new pipes to ensure that the water is clean for the basement bathroom.

7. Always defer to the pros

Talk to the professionals when you are looking for plans when it comes to basement finishing. They have done this before and might have a great idea that they can offer to you.

8. Install additional ceiling lights

Having more lights, both bright and dim, can really help in the finishing of a basement if you want to turn it into a bedroom. Make sure that there’s sufficient light at every corner of the room.

9. Have fun with it

When you are having fun, you are going to end up being more creative with the ideas that you come up with.

Mary Soto

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