4 Questions to Ask Dentists on a First Consultation

First consultations are important, and they will give you the opportunity to meet your dentist face to face and find out what they’re like. That will help you to decide whether or not you’re comfortable with them.

To take full advantage of the opportunity, you should make sure you ask the right questions. Not only will that break the ice and help to get a conversation going, but there are some questions that can provide you with useful information too:

  • “Are there any dental issues I need to worry about?”

The best way to get the ball rolling is to ask your dentist about your overall oral health, and whether there are any issues you need to worry about. After examining your teeth your dentist should be able to spot any issues – or early signs and dental symptoms that could develop into larger problems.

Of course if you have observed any early signs on your own, you should definitely ask about them specifically.

  • “What can be done to improve my oral health?”

As you can imagine, this question will let you find out if your dentist has any recommendations that could be helpful. It will give you a glimpse into how your dentist is able to explain what you need to do – which is likely to happen in the future.

Be sure to pay close attention to what they say, and if you don’t understand anything – ask about it. Ideally you want a dentist who you can talk to openly about what you need to do.

  • “How far in advance to I need to book to get an appointment slot?”

Some dentists are a lot busier than others, and you may need to book an appointment well in advance. If you have difficulty scheduling too far in advance because of your work or personal life – that could be an issue.

Odds are you should have some idea whether it is difficult to book an appointment with your dentist already – based on how it was when you booked your first consultation. However asking them about it can’t hurt.

  • “What dental products would you recommend for me?”

Dentists can give a lot of helpful advice about the types of dental products that you should be using. That includes toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, and toothpaste.

When you ask this question, you should let your dentist know what you’re currently using and if you should change it. On top of that you could ask if the dentist has any samples that you could try.

Make no mistake, when you’re trying to find a dentist you shouldn’t just ask yourself, “What are the dentists near me?” Instead you should look at other factors, and how comfortable you are when you talk to the dentist and ask them questions is definitely high on that list.

Asking these four questions during your first consultation will put you on the right track, and by the time your appointment is over you will probably be able to tell whether or not the dentist is a good fit.


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