11 Ways To Wish A Colleague A Happy Retirement

Retirement is an emotional event in one’s life. It marks a person’s transition in his career — and that is always a big deal. Therefore, if you have a co-worker who is going to retire, it is a must that you and your colleagues show your well-wishes.

So how can you wish someone a happy retirement? There are several ways, of course. Here are 11 of the top ways to do so:

Giving personalized gifts: The most common way to wish someone a happy retirement is to give a personalized gift. This should depend on the preference of the person retiring, as it should fit his lifestyle and interests. Check out personalized gift ideas to see which ones would work well for your colleague.

A retirement gift: Instead of giving the retiring colleague several individual gifts, why not plan a collective office personalized gift to make the gesture extra several?

Throwing a party: Another common gesture is throwing a party for the retiring colleague. This will allow you and your colleagues to spend one last, great moment with him at work as it will be difficult to get everyone together for another party after he officially retires.

Themed decoration: Make sure the decor at the party is specifically for the retiree. This should make the party more fun, personalized, and special.

Retirement video: Film everyone —or people your retiring co-worker knows — at your office with messages of good wishes! This is a heartwarming gesture that everyone will remember.

Career highlights: Create a presentation of the person’s highlights and achievements at work — this will definitely make him feel his work at the company is valued!

Personalized card: Among the popular personalized gift ideas is a retirement card — with everyone at the office writing their messages for your retiring co-worker.

Company service award: Give the retiring co-worker a company award before he leaves. You can even turn it into an event or a party. Top it off by giving him a personalized gift he can use for his retirement.

Personalized wine glass: Among the fun personalized gift ideas is a bottle of the retiree’s wine and personalized wine glass — reflecting all the fun and drinking he can be doing now that he has retired! It is a simple gift that elegantly shows you care.

Travel book: Are your colleagues planning to travel? Give him a travel book to start him off in his retirement journey! Couple it with a personalized travel journal or planner so he can take notes and plans for all the fun he can have!

A simple message: Of course, nothing beats a personal connection and conversation with your colleague. Talk to him intimately —perhaps give him a simple personalized gift to make him feel special and cared for as well — to tell him he will be missed and that you will remain a friend to him despite his retirement.

A thoughtful personalized gift that considers how you know him and his personal interests and preferences can truly make one’s retirement special and emotional — in a good way.

Mary Soto

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